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One Year and $2 Trillion of Broken Promises


One year ago today, President Joe Biden signed the Democrats’ nearly $2 trillion inflation bill into law. The Democrats called it their “American Rescue Plan.”  

Are the American people better off today than a year ago? Did this so-called ‘rescue’ plan live up to its promises? Let’s review how it is measuring up to the Democrats’ top claims. 

Democrats promised economic relief and to put money in the pockets of the American people. 

REALITY: Inflation just hit another 40-year high. It’s a tax on all Americans. The consequences of the Democrats’ reckless, out-of-control spending spree is hitting people from the gas pump to the grocery store. 

Democrats promised lower utility and energy bills. 

REALITY: Because of their attack on American energy and rush-to-green agenda, Americans are paying more to heat their homes, cook, drive to work, and take their kids to school. Families were warned this winter about surging natural gas costs and average household bills that could hit $746, 30 percent higher than a year ago. 

Democrats promised their bill would reopen schools For The Children. 

REALITY: After the President signed this bill into law, the White House and CDC were caught red handed colluding with teachers’ unions to draft guidance that kept schools closed and locked children out of the classroom. 

Democrats promised to crush the virus. 

REALITY: The Democrats continue to fight against returning our country to normalcy and giving the American people their freedom back. They are demanding billions more in funding for COVID-19 programs after spending trillions and have proposed legislation that envisions COVID-19 still being a major factor in our lives through 2023.  

They also eroded trust in public health with President Joe Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandates that made people choose between complying with the federal government or losing their livelihoods.  

Democrats promised a national testing strategy for COVID-19.  

REALITY: The Biden administration diverted hundreds of millions in funding for testing to go to addressing the crisis of millions of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border. The Biden administration subsequently let testing supply lapse, leaving America unprepared to ramp up testing during the Omicron wave last winter. 

Democrats promised lower monthly premiums for millions of Americans. 

REALITY: Because of the Democrats’ inflationary agenda, seniors are paying more for everything, including Medicare. Medicare Part B projected one of the largest premium increases in the program’s history.