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Emerging Technologies Help America Lead During COVID-19


Washington, DC – 21st Century problems require 21st Century solutions, and now more than ever our nation must lead in emerging technologies, not only to get through this pandemic – but to ensure our future economic and national security, as well as preparedness for future crises.

From autonomous vehicles to blockchain to providing personal protective equipment, emerging technologies have proven useful during this time. Three such stories we are profiling this week include how the Jacksonville Transportation Authority is using autonomous vehicles during the COVID-19 crisis, Villanova University Professor Hasshi Sudler outlining the advantage of blockchain tools, and Toyota detailing their use of 3D printing to create personal protective equipment. Read more below.

CBS 47 Action News Jax

Autonomous vehicles transport COVID-19 tests to Mayo Clinic

By Amber Krycka

April 2, 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak, health care resources and staffers are stretched thin. That’s why the Jacksonville Transportation Authority teamed up with Beep and Navya to help transport COVID-19 tests to the Mayo Clinic, using autonomous vehicles.

“When the coronavirus really started taking hold — the pandemic started taking hold — one of the challenges was the movement of samples, the specimens on the campus. We have four vehicles on the Mayo campus. We’re running those specimens from the drive-thru testing location tent, and taking it across the campus to their laboratory,” said Nathaniel Ford, chief executive officer for the JTA.

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Villanova University

How Blockchain Can Help Medical Facilities Control The Spread of Coronavirus

March 20, 2020

In the United States at least 12,000 people have tested positive for the Coronavirus, and 194 people have died as of Friday, March 20. Villanova College of Engineering’s Hasshi Sudler explains there are two critical areas where blockchain can help control the spread of coronavirus.


“As individuals travel across borders, medical facilities need immutable, trustworthy medical data quickly and electronically. A critical requirement to contain coronavirus is to track any individual having tested positive and to track the health of anyone who has come in contact with that individual, even if those encounters were across borders,” says Sudler, adjunct professor of electrical and computer engineering.  “The blockchain can be a common source of data that allows medical facilities to share immutable information internationally.”

Another requirement for controlling the spread of the virus is to validate quality medical advice while also identifying misinformation that could be circulating in society.  “In the event of a pandemic, misinformation can be extremely dangerous. The public needs a way to confirm official statements made by reputable sources,” says Sudler.

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Coin Desk

Researchers are Tapping Blockchain Tools in Fight Against Coronavirus

By Danny Nelson

April 9, 2020

A series of ongoing efforts across universities, medical academia, the private sector and even private citizens are harnessing distributed systems in the fight against COVID-19.

The projects are attempting to buttress governmental stay-at-home orders that have frozen billions of people in a global effort to flatten the curve. There’s no known cure for COVID-19 and there will be no vaccine against the coronavirus that causes it for at least a year, leaving medical practitioners, researchers and innovators to try and find ways of mitigating its impact – and blockchain boosters are finding new fronts to pitch in.

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Road Show by CNET

Toyota ready to build masks, face shields in North America to fight COVID-19

By Sean Szymkowski

March 31, 2020

It’s been heartening to see the Detroit Big Three’s response to the coronavirus. Quickly, we’ve seen major automakers get scrappy to produce much-needed personal protective gear for health care workers.

You can add Toyota to the Arsenal of Innovation, because it’s ready to step into the fight against COVID-19 as well. On Friday, the Japanese automaker said it’s ready to start production of two critical pieces of medical gear in North America to help those on the front lines. Like Ford, Toyota said it will begin mass production of 3D-printed face shields and it’s seeking a partner to begin production of masks. The company said it’s ready to start mask production, but it needs a partner to supply filters that keep virus particles at bay.

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