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WTAS: Securing Cleaner American Energy is What America Needs to Protect Energy and Our Environment


Washington D.C.—Here’s what both energy industry experts and environmental activists are saying about the Securing Cleaner American Energy agenda released by Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee this week. 

Click here to read the agenda. 

“ACC supports policies to promote innovation, encourage a diverse mix of energy and electricity sources, and improve the regulatory permitting process for energy and manufacturing projects. The Securing Cleaner American Energy package advances each of these important goals.” — American Chemistry Council

“Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee have consistently proposed smart policies that would lower emissions and protect America’s energy supply. Streamlining burdensome regulations, investing in CCUS and nuclear, and securing critical mineral resources is just common sense – and yet Democrats continue to move the goalposts. E&C Republicans are offering real solutions, and I hope Democrats will include them in these conversations.” — Christopher Barnard, National Policy Director, American Conservation Coalition, via Twitter 

“AF&PA member companies are making upgrades in our mills to reduce emissions and become more efficient by adding new paper making equipment, repurposing mills to new products, and replacing outdated energy systems with new energy efficient ones. We support responsible reforms to streamline the New Source Review (NSR) air permit process and using the best available information to ensure manufacturer’s efforts to modernize are not impeded. Legislation like Rep. Griffith’s New Source Review Permitting Improvement Act is the type of change that moves us towards the shared goal of improving NSR permitting and reducing emissions. Specific changes to the rules and policies, regarding project aggregation, ambient air, emissions accounting and when construction can begin, allowed forest products industry projects to move forward in a cost efficient and timely manner. These improvements should not be reversed. AF&PA looks forward to continued conversations on these important issues.” —Paul Noe, Vice President Public Policy, American Forest & Paper Association

“API supports sensible, durable policies that create jobs and help meet the dual challenge of securing America’s energy future while continuing to drive down emissions to address the risks of climate change. The natural gas and oil industry is leading the way in new technologies to build a lower carbon future, and we’ll continue to advocate for policies that bolster innovation, energy reliability, and environmental progress.” — American Petroleum Institute VP Lem Smith

“When progressives say Republicans don’t care about the environment, here are 18 reasons why they are wrong. With an all-of-the-above-energy approach, the ‘Agenda for Securing Cleaner American Energy,’ released this week, demonstrates you can be good stewards of the environment and the economy. The bottom line is this: we cannot afford to make the environment a red vs blue issue—it’s a red, white, and blue issue that affects us all. Congress and the White House must embrace affordable, rational, reliable energy solutions that Americans support and that support America.” — Heather Reams, Executive Director of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions 

“Rep. Duncan’s modernized approach to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s environmental review process will be a gamechanger for future American reactor designs, enabling their deployment to aid in decarbonization. Our current fleet of reactors collectively has hundreds of operating years, proving nuclear energy’s low-carbon environmental impact. We should remain focused on deploying America’s next generation of reactors as rapidly as possible.” — Rich Powell, Executive Director, ClearPath Action

“As our power and industrial sectors continue investing in technologies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, hydrogen is increasingly seen as a vital tool. Hydrogen can connect clean energy generation, storage, transportation, and heavy industry such as steel and ammonia manufacturing. Rep. Pence’s bill expands access to financing for hydrogen projects and looks carefully at the current state of hydrogen production and identifies the next steps for commercialization, which means more American jobs.”  Rich Powell, Executive Director, ClearPath Action 

Too often, climate policy is oversimplified to false choices: renewables versus fossils, economy versus environment, immediate reductions at home versus inaction. The E&C Republicans’ Agenda for Securing Cleaner American Energy is bipartisan, technologically realistic, and will help make clean energy more affordable while preserving economic growth and reflecting the global nature of the challenge.”  Rich Powell, Executive Director, ClearPath Action

[Rep. Pence’s bill] will expand the technologies eligible for DOE’s successful loan program, and we look forward to the advancements and momentum that come from American innovation in decarbonized hydrogen production and fuel cell optimization. This bill has the power to make vital progress quickly in the interest of sustainability and allow companies like Cummins to advance faster on our path to zero emissions.” — Amy Adams, Vice President Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies, Cummins

“Congressman Duncan understands that a diversified fuel mix is essential for addressing climate change and continuing to reduce emissions. This bill illustrates his understanding that in addition to the existing fleet of nuclear reactors, which accounts for over half of the nation’s carbon-free electricity and provides half of the electricity for Duke Energy customers in the Carolinas, we need a modern and streamlined regulatory approach that allows for the development of future reactors to help further reduce carbon emissions and reach our goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.” — Kelvin Henderson, Duke Energy Chief Nuclear Officer

“INGAA members are working as an industry towards reaching net-zero emissions from natural gas transmission and storage infrastructure by no later than 2050, and achieving this will require advancements in both technology and public policy.  Proposals included in the Securing Cleaner American Energy package that update the infrastructure permitting process and promote innovation in methane emissions reduction, carbon capture, utilization, and storage, and hydrogen infrastructure will help accomplish our shared goals to combat climate change while ensuring energy reliability, affordability, and security for all Americans.” — Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA)

“Our industry agrees that responsible action on climate, the pursuit of affordable and reliable energy, and job creation can advance simultaneously. When we focus on support of the development and use of emissions control technologies that work with the fuels the world is using, alongside actions to secure our supply chains with minerals sourced here at home under the strictest environmental standards in the world, it’s a win for our economy and the environment.” — Rich Nolan, President and CEO of the National Mining Association (NMA)

“We applaud Representative Jeff Duncan’s (R-SC-3) continued commitment to helping make the NRC a more modern and efficient regulator. This bill will help streamline and modernize the NRC’s environmental review process ensuring the safe and efficient deployment of more carbon-free nuclear power onto the grid. Streamlining of NRC environmental reviews recognizes the decades of experience that nuclear facilities have minimal environmental impacts and help avoid large amounts of carbon emissions.” — Maria Korsnick, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)

“The New Source Review Permitting Improvement Act modernizes a key federal regulation that inhibits manufacturers from  enhancing their plants, including those that improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We commend Mr. Griffith’s leadership to eliminate burdensome and needless bureaucratic red tape that inhibits economic growth. — Sean O’Neill, Senior Vice President, Portland Cement Association

It will take the attention and efforts of both Republicans and Democrats in Congress to make progress on our climate challenge. To that end, we appreciate the leadership of Ranking Member McMorris Rodgers and Representatives Upton and McKinley for their efforts to modernize and improve our energy infrastructure while promoting a comprehensive strategy that supports American competitiveness. In particular, we welcome the agenda’s focus on unleashing technology and innovation in areas such as hydropower, nuclear, clean coal, and natural gas, so that the United States can continue to lead the world in reducing emissions while making it easier for other countries around the world to do the same. We look forward to working with members on both sides of the aisle on our shared priorities. — U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Energy Institute President Marty Durbin

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