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WSJ Opinion: Private Health Care to the Rescue


WASHINGTON, DC –Americans and others around the world are looking to the United States for a coronavirus vaccine. Why? It’s not just because the U.S. has some of the brightest scientists in the world, but also because we have a system that encourages innovation.

America’s health care innovators have the capability to lead the world in cures and treatments. The Editorial Board for The Wall Street Journal writes on how that ability to innovate with private partners “…is an American advantage.”

Private Health Care to the Rescue
The Editorial Board
March 1, 2020

Americans naturally turn to the government when their health or physical security is at risk, but a core U.S. strength is the breadth of its private medical resources. That’s on display now as the government is calling on private actors to buttress the federal response.

On Saturday the Food and Drug Administration said it will allow hundreds of academic hospital labs to begin testing for the coronavirus. The country had relied on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but its testing kits turned out to be faulty. By unleashing academic labs, the U.S. will have the capacity by the end of this week to screen “probably 10,000 people a day,” says Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA commissioner who writes for these pages.

The Bernie Sanders campaign is saying the virus shows how Medicare for All would better serve the country. The opposite is true. By putting government in charge of every health care decision, Medicare for All would eliminate the adaptability of private innovation, which is an American advantage. The Trump Administration is right to exploit it.

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