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Walden: During COVID-19, tech industry has chance “to show America and the world how they can lead on the issues of privacy and data security.”


Washington, DC – During COVID-19, Americans are following public health recommendations to distance themselves, both to avoid getting the novel coronavirus and spreading it to others unknowingly with an asymptomatic case. As people continue working, learning, and receiving care from home, the public and private sectors are working to get people connected, maintain the safety of personal data, and keep networks secure.

Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Greg Walden (R-OR) has been at the forefront of Congressional efforts in the short-term to expand access to broadband and WiFi hotspots, while also working on long-term solutions to bridge the digital divide and keep networks secure.

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TALKING TO THE EXPERTS: What more could large tech companies be doing to respond to the coronavirus?

By Ryan Heath

April 3, 2020

“It’s really important that we make sure personal data is not being compromised or can be compromised. Companies that are suddenly in the news because they’re getting used a lot [must] realize they may have a whole new user base coming on to their platforms that aren’t used to their platforms. So the more they can be transparent about the give-and-take of e-commerce, as in your data and their revenue stream … the better for them short term and long term. I think the tech industry has a real opportunity here to show America and the world how they can lead on the issues of privacy and data security.” — Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), ranking member, House Energy & Commerce Committee

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POLITICO Morning Tech


By Alexandra S. Levine, with help from Cristiano Lima and John Hendel

April 6, 2020

As Capitol Hill reckons with a potentially protracted pandemic and comes to grips with online tools, the key panels are trying to sort through what it means for committee business.

— Still, Walden emphasized his desire for lawmakers to properly fund recent laws to improve FCC broadband mapping, and help U.S. telecom carriers rip out and replace gear from Huawei. He also suggested bipartisan legislation to guide the FCC’s forthcoming auction of 5G-friendly C-band airwaves may now have “slipped out of our legislative grasp,” as John reported for Pros Friday. Walden is now placing his faith in the FCC to complete the auction later this year: “I think our absence from Washington allows the FCC to proceed.”

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