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Top Energy Questions for President Biden’s Solo Press Conference Tomorrow after Putin Summit


President Biden’s radical agenda is threatening American jobs and our energy security.

These are the top 3 energy questions we want answers on following his summit tomorrow with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  • Did Putin thank President Biden for Nord Stream 2 and for strengthening Russia’s energy dominance?
  • Did President Biden ask Putin if Russia has any job openings on pipeline projects because he knows of some American workers looking, after he killed the Keystone XL pipeline?
  • Is it true that Russian natural gas exported to Europe has a life cycle greenhouse gas emissions profile 41% higher than American LNG exported to Europe?

On his first day in office, President Biden revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline—threatening thousands of American jobs. Last week, that project was announced officially cancelled.

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Leader Rodgers and 68 Republican members sent a letter to President Biden about his decision to allow the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline to move forward, benefiting Russia at the expense of U.S. energy resources. CLICK HERE for more details.

Rep. Jeff Duncan also led an amendment in a Committee markup to condemn Nord Stream 2.

Key from Rep. Duncan: “By waiving sanctions, President Biden is treating a pipeline that increases Russian influence far better than American pipelines that enhance our influence.

“As one of his very first acts, President Biden revoked the key permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, which was critical to our energy security and a top priority to our Canadian allies. Just [recently], the Keystone XL project was officially cancelled. It is truly baffling and illogical that President Biden is willing to green-light Russian energy projects over American energy projects and jobs.”

Apparently, Democrats on the Committee didn’t see it that way. They blocked Rep. Duncan’s amendment—and joined President Biden in prioritizing Russian energy over American jobs.