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Leader Rodgers: “Tomorrow marks one year of President Joe Biden’s energy crises.”


Washington, D.C. — Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) delivered remarks in today’s Energy Subcommittee hearing on how President Biden’s energy policies have weakened America’s national security, raised costs on families, and emboldened Russia.

Excerpts and highlights from her prepared remarks:


“Tomorrow marks one year of President Joe Biden’s energy crises.

“Today, Russia is on the verge of invading Ukraine. It makes the case for national security clear as a bell. Putin wants control of the Black Sea to block American energy to Ukraine.

“This administration is helping Putin with Nord Stream 2. He invaded Crimea and now Odessa will be next on the Black Sea.

“Energy is so important to the economy, jobs, national security. It’s all connected and underscores how important American energy is.

“President Biden’s energy crisis in America began on Day 1 of his presidency when he cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline—the very beginning of one year of one-party rule to shutdown American energy and weaken our security.”


“The Energy Information Administration reported energy prices rose more than all other commodities over the past year, some 60% higher than at the beginning of 2021.

“And other projections show little to no prospect for relief in the short term, with the highest inflation rates in forty years.

“From the grocery store to the gas pump, inflation is hitting low- and middle- income families the hardest.

“What Americans pay for energy matters. It drives all aspects of our economy, touching every supply chain and every part of our lives.

“It matters to farmers who are growing our food, the manufacturers who make the products we need, the truck drivers who deliver them. It matters to the store owners who are struggling to keep their shelves stocked, the restaurant managers who need to keep food on their menus and the lights on. And, it matters to Americans who are stretching their budgets to feed their families, fill up their gas tanks, drive their kids to school, and get themselves to work.

“The price, affordability, and reliability of energy is foundational to our way of life. We cannot afford another year of rush-to-green policies that aim to shut down American energy.”


“To understand the risks for Americans, look no further than the troubling example of the current European and UK energy crisis – with skyrocketing energy rates, upwards of three times U.S. rates.

“This is a direct result of radical green policies that drove those nations to rely heavily upon weather-dependent renewables, and, increasingly, Russian energy, which threatens Europe with energy blackmail.

“Thankfully for our security, we have had American LNG exports, made possible by our shale revolution.

“American energy exports supported energy and price relief to European allies and helped to drive cleaner energy and power production, but the Biden war on American energy is threatening this as well.”


“Energy security matters. It matters for economic security; it matters for national security. And it is not an impediment to cleaner energy systems.

“After a year of President Joe Biden’s energy crisis, we should reset our energy policy oversight to focus on core priorities for maintaining energy and economic security.

“That is why Republicans are leading on the Securing Cleaner American Energy Agenda.

“It maintains our security and diverse energy mix while encouraging innovative deployment of cleaner energy generation that doesn’t make us dependent on China’s renewable supply chains.”


“Specifically, regarding today’s discussion on pipelines, China and Russia will not stop their campaign to dominate global demand for fossil resources, and nuclear technology resources if we shut down domestic pipelines.

“Nor will the real impacts on everyday Americans disappear if we ignore the harmful realities of replacing pipelines with weather dependent renewables.

“Affordable, reliable supplies of energy are vital to health and safety.

“Fuels and electric power are essential for almost everything we do.

“And anything we do that impedes affordable, reliable energy can be harmful to families, workers, the nation.

“America’s abundant energy supplies and world class system of fuels- and electricity-delivery powers our prosperity, competitiveness, and ultimately our security.

“This is what ensures America’s manufacturing and industrial competitiveness.

“This is what provides the strategic resources and flexibility to confront our adversaries and assist our Allies.

“And the pipelines that deliver these strategic resources are among the safest, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective methods.

“Today’s hearing concerns the question: what is necessary to assure people have the energy and power they need when they need it most.

“But assuring people have energy and power when they need it cannot be an excuse for a sweeping, duplicative, and deep new intrusion by the federal government into every part of America’s complex energy system.

“That is what this legislative proposal appears to do and given this Administration’s previous actions to shut down pipelines, I am concerned with how they would use this expansive new authority.

“However, I am encouraged to hear the Majority wants to recalibrate and work with us on these important matters.

“I am also pleased to start this conversation with Chairman Glick and Deputy Secretary Turk.

“Let me welcome you and let us talk clearly about restoring American energy security that has been weakened over the past year.”

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