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Leader Rodgers Statement on Biden, Democrats’ Radical Agenda to Transform America


Washington D.C. — Energy and Commerce Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) released the following statement about Speaker Pelosi’s grand socialist agenda.

“President Biden and House Democrats passed legislation that will fundamentally transform the United States of America – and not for the better. This multi-trillion dollar tax and spending spree is an unprecedented lurch towards more government control in our lives that will saddle our children with a debt they can never pay back.

“While this process lacked all transparency, the consequences could not be more clear – more inflation, empty shelves, and higher costs. It will lead to blackouts and unaffordable electricity bills, with surging energy prices already hitting families hard this winter. Millionaires will get a $285 billion tax break on the backs of those who are struggling to make ends meet. Jobs will be destroyed, our defenses will be weakened, and funding for hospitals to care for vulnerable patients will be slashed. Its socialist price controls will also crush medical innovation and lead to fewer lifesaving cures.

“This bill is reckless. At a time when families are battling record inflation, Democrats have doubled down on socialism. It’s not the will of the American people. This total government takeover of our lives is profoundly un-American, and it hurts hardworking families in Eastern Washington.

“There is no shortage of crises threatening our future. Chaos continues to ensue at the border, our supply chains are in disrepair, everyday costs are surging, and overdose deaths are at a record high. Unfortunately, it’s clear that President Biden is choosing to ignore these issues and turn his back on the American people in the process. I continue to urge strong opposition to this multi-trillion dollar tax and spending spree in the Senate.”

Note: Yesterday, Leader Rodgers spoke at the GOP Leadership press conference where she explained how President Biden’s inflation and energy crisis will get worse under the tax and spending spree.

KEY“The radical tax and spending spree will accelerate the inflation crisis and energy crisis. It’s NOT the will of the American people.

“It is command and control by the federal government — for how much we pay for gas. How we power our lights. How we heat our homes — or maybe not heat our homes because of surging costs. The size of our homes. Where we live. The cars we drive. How we get to work. How we socialize with one another. How we worship. How our children are educated. Our employment. Our speech. Our medical care. Our retirement. How we communicate and what we think.”



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