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House Republicans to Biden: Put American Energy Workers First, Don’t Reward Foreign Oil Producers


93 Republicans Warn Biden that OPEC+, Including Russia, Wins if He Bans American Oil Exports

Washington, D.C. — House Republicans are demanding President Biden abandon his anti-American energy agenda, including any plans to cut off America’s access to global energy markets by imposing a ban on oil exports. In a new letter, Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and 91 Republican representatives tell President Biden that banning America’s crude oil and petroleum product exports will make the self-inflicted energy crisis even worse, by hurting American energy workers, increasing gas prices, and further emboldening America’s adversaries, especially Russia. 

Recent studies show the benefits of the U.S. exporting crude oil, as well as the harmful impacts of banning the exporting of U.S. petroleum products. 

The following are excerpts from House Republicans letter to President Biden: 

  • AN EXPORT BAN HURTS OUR ECONOMY AND SECURITY:Banning oil exports would destroy American jobs and lead to higher energy prices for the hardworking people of this country already suffering under record high inflation. Furthermore, banning American oil exports would punish our allies in Europe and Asia who desperately seek to reduce their reliance on OPEC and Russia for oil. The only beneficiary of a ban on American oil exports would be Russia, which would gain geopolitical leverage over our allies and additional revenue to finance the unjustified war on Ukraine.”
  • WHY LIFTING THE EXPORT BAN PUT AMERICA FIRST: “In 2015, when Congress passed bipartisan legislation to repeal 1970’s-era restrictions on crude oil exports, it found that ‘the United States upholds a commitment to free trade and open markets and has consistently opposed attempts by other nations to restrict the free flow of energy; and, the United States should remove all restrictions on the export of crude oil, which will provide domestic economic benefits, enhanced energy security, and flexibility in foreign diplomacy.’ Before your Administration took office, the United States emerged as the world’s leading energy producer and a net energy exporter, and American oil production was wisely treated as an arsenal of energy security. Prior to your Administration, and as a direct result of Congress lifting the crude oil export ban, OPEC and Russian power over world oil markets had been substantially diminished, and America’s trading partners had a more stable and reliable supplier for crude oil.”
  • BOTTOM LINE: “A ban on American crude oil or petroleum product exports would be detrimental to our national security and economy.”

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