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Democrats on the Record for Chinese Child Labor, Government-Run Health Care, and Higher Costs


House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans offered many amendments during the second day and night of the Democrats’ markup of the Build More Inflation Act — Speaker Pelosi’s grand socialist agenda to destroy freedom and embolden our enemies on the backs of American families. Democrats blocked EVERY single Republican amendment.

The Build More Inflation Act will raise costs on families, build a bridge to Medicare for All, and turn a blind eye to China’s human rights abuses.

On Day 2, Democrats voted:

  • To obstruct nuclear energy
  • To turn a blind eye to China’s child and slave labor in critical mineral supply chains
  • To raise gas prices and electricity rates on everyday Americans
  • To force American workers to lose their jobs or take pay cuts
  • To prevent America from enhancing our critical mineral supply and processing
  • To embolden the Chinese Communist Party with American taxpayer dollars
  • To federalize America’s electricity grid, undermining reliability and raising costs
  • To further raise the cost of cars and gas on American families
  • To ignore U.S. supply chain security and force Americans to pay more for transportation and medical supply costs
  • To create a $1 billion war chest at the FTC to advance their political agenda
  • To deny Americans data privacy protections across state lines
  • To amplify the Taliban on Big Tech platforms
  • Against protecting children from Big Tech
  • To allow Big Tech to share our data and personal information to the Chinese Communist Party
  • To hurt America’s competitive edge and allow China’s Huawei to access our automotive and semiconductor technology
  • To abandon the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayer dollars to fund abortions
  • To destroy health care choices and competition with their lurch to Medicare for All
  • To control what the American people know about their health care choices and options
  • NOT to prioritize telehealth for seniors
  • To increase health insurance premiums and costs
  • To create a back door to their public option with their Federal Medicaid Program
  • To make it harder for states to access Medicaid’s home and community-based services that provide long-term care to seniors and people with disabilities.

CLICK HERE to watch day 3.