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Walden: The Majority Continues to Put Politics over Progress


Washington D.C. – Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Greg Walden (R-OR) delivered the following floor statement on H.R. 2, the INVEST in America Act.

Click here or the image above to watch Republican Leader Walden’s remarks.

As Prepared for Delivery

I want to start by thanking Chairman DeFazio for working with me on an amendment that will come up tomorrow that will allow the Port of Cascade Locks to compete for funds to add a path on the Bridge of the Gods to provide a safer place for hikers and horseback riders on the Pacific Crest Trail to cross the Columbia River. It’s nice when we can work together for the best interests of our citizens.

I wish we had been able to work on all of the infrastructure issues in a similar spirit. I won’t waste my time dwelling on the partisan process fouls that encumber this bill. Building better American infrastructure is a public policy that’s almost always brought us together as a Congress and a country. Until this week…and until this legislation.

Republicans have proposals to make American energy infrastructure more resilient and safeguard it from cyberattacks. Republicans have proposed more than two dozen policies to help get high speed broadband to all Americans. We have legislation to put America in the driver’s seat of autonomous vehicle innovation and production.

We could find common ground to remove unneeded-but-costly regulatory barriers that stand in the way of important infrastructure improvements and the jobs that come with them.

Unfortunately, the work and ideas of Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee were not included. Heck, we weren’t even consulted. What could be a bipartisan bill destined to become law, will instead likely never get to the President’s desk and become law.

I urge my Democratic colleagues to work with us on bipartisan legislation that can become law and will improve our nation’s infrastructure.

Thank you, and with that, I yield back.

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