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Protecting Life from the Democrats’ Extreme Abortion Agenda


Democrats are on the record for supporting a radical and extreme abortion agenda. In the fall, they voted to create a national standard mandating all states to offer abortions of unborn children for any reason and at any stage of pregnancy up until birth.

The Abortion on Demand until Birth Act is discriminatory, overrides pro-life laws, and removes commonsense protections for women and children.

As Republican Leader of the Energy and Commerce Committee Cathy McMorris Rodgers said, this extreme bill “isn’t science. It’s not the latest research.”

Earlier this year, Leader Rodgers spoke on the steps of the Supreme Court to advocate that our laws protect the dignity and value of the unborn.

As many around the nation share their story tomorrow on why we march to protect life, here’s Cathy’s ↓

“I’m a pro-life mom of three — Cole, Grace, and Brynn.

For me personally, I’ve never had an abortion, but I gave thought in my younger years of what I would do if I found myself pregnant and alone.

“It would have been a desperate situation.

“I can imagine an abortion seeming like an easy solution.

“It breaks my heart to think anyone would consider abortion as their only option or the best option.

“Growing up, I was never much of a baby person. I was 35 and single when I was elected to Congress. I didn’t know if becoming a mom would happen for me.

“Today, I can testify that bringing a new life into the world was the most amazing thing to ever happen.

“It’s the best part of life.”


“My son Cole — now 14 — was born with most common chromosomal abnormality called Down syndrome. 

“When he was born doctors gave us a long of challenges and chances for heartache. 

“I understand the uncertainty and the fear. 

“But I couldn’t imagine life without Cole. His life is worth living! 

“Yet in this debate, Down syndrome has been at the forefront. 

“I think about a woman named Heidi with Down syndrome who lost her court challenge against the British government over its law allowing abortion, up until birth, for babies with Down syndrome. 

“This cannot become America’s future where we cherish life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for ALL.” 


“Abortion is the sharpest, soul-searching question before us as a nation.

“It pierces every heart.

“People have strongly held beliefs and stories and both sides are guilty of dismissing one another.

“Fear and despair leads to more arguments, anger, discord, and more insecurity.

“Let’s make today a new opportunity to bring healing. To bring hope!

“Let’s come together around the science, research, and technology.

“Life — it’s in the DNA of every person.

“Because of technology today we can see a baby develop day-by-day. It’s awe-inspiring.

“Doctors perform prenatal surgeries and treatments to save lives in the womb.

“This is ALL proof that life begins at conception and it’s worth living.

“On this search to a more perfect union, it’s foundational that we celebrate this.

“That is what the Court is deciding in this case, to ensure our laws reflect that every person — born and unborn — has dignity and value.”

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