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President Biden’s Pain at the Pump


Almost everything is more expensive under the Biden administration – including the cost of a gallon of gasoline. 

Gas prices have risen for 27 days straight in the United States. According to President Biden, he thinks the price will remain high “into next year, 2022.” He also doesn’t “see anything that’s going to happen in the meantime that’s going to significantly reduce gas prices.”  

Families are stretching their paychecks to pay for skyrocketing gas. Since April 2020, gas prices have shot up 80 percent. It’s only going to get worse – especially for seniors and low-income families – this winter. 

When asked about solutions for the energy crisis he created, President Biden said, “I don’t have a near-term answer.”

With 7-year high gas prices and surging inflation, people need – deserve – answers. Americans like this truck driver from Washington State. WATCH: 

Leader Rodgers: “I think about a man from Deer Park, Washington, who drives his own truck to provide for his family. He told me that because of higher gas prices and inflation he doesn’t know what his future holds.Under the Build More Inflation Act, we know the answer because it shuts down American energy.”

Unlike President Biden, Republicans have answers. Let’s unleash American energy, create American jobs, and lower American prices.