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Opioid Crisis Awareness Week: Remembering the Story of Devon Hott


WASHINGTON, DC – It is National Opioid Crisis Awareness Week, an important time to share the human impact of this terrible scourge. This week we are telling the stories of the crisis next door – of the Americans who have experienced loss, who have struggled, and – in the case of Devon Hott– a wonderful story of success.

On Monday, we shared the story of Amanda Gray and yesterday we shared the story of Jamie Daniels. Please watch Devon’s story below.

Devon Hott at the Energy and Commerce roundtable discussion last year. Click here or on the image above to listen to Devon’s story.

Devon’s Story

Growing up Devon turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with the challenges of life, it became her solution.

Devon was on a handful of medications and using daily; she knew she struggled with addiction – she knew what she was doing, and yet she could not stop. Devon said, “It was a very vicious cycle, every day, wanting to stop, not knowing how to stop, wanting to stop, not knowing how to stop.”

Rock bottom hit in June of 2014. Devon told the Committee, “I was on my way home from work and I totaled my vehicle, under the influence. I was arrested. Three months later, I was arrested again, for a DUI, (again) under the influence. I was taken to jail…. I spent eight days in jail. It was the longest eight days of my life.”

Those arrests shook Devon and as a result she was able to turn her life around.

“I feel like I have a purpose today. I’m director of operations for Recovery Care Partner… I help people find a recovery that works for them,” said Devon.

Devon has been sober for more than four years. She is an inspiration to the possible and has a message to those struggling, “For people batting addiction today, I’d want them to know there is another solution. There is a way out. Life can get really really good – if you’re willing to do something different.”

Legislative Highlight

In 2018, Congress passed – according to NBC News – the “most ambitious Congressional effort yet” to combat the opioid crisis. Among many provisions dedicated to promoting treatment and recovery, the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act established Centers of Excellence to, “support the improvement of health professional training resources related to substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery,” to stand with Devon Hott and so many others.

A main goal of the SUPPORT Act is to ensure those struggling with addiction, and their families, have the resources and support they need to overcome this disease, and help turn stories of tragedy into stories of triumph, just like Devon’s story.