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Nursing Home Relief On the Way


Washington, D.C. – Older populations are among the most vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), or nursing homes, have sadly become COVID-19 hotspots. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reports that these facilities have had “up to a 6 percent decline” in patients due to residents either leaving the nursing home or passing away. To help skilled nursing facilities residents and staff, the Trump administration is sending facilities facing COVID-19 hardships almost $4.9 billion.

This funding comes from the “Provider Relief Fund.” Between two COVID-19 relief packages, Congress has given $175 billion to help providers. According to the department, “HHS will make relief fund distributions to SNFs based on a fixed and variable basis. Each SNF will receive a fixed distribution of $50,000, plus a distribution of $2,500 per bed. All certified SNFs with six or more certified beds are eligible for this targeted distribution.”

Here are some of the ways nursing homes can use this funding:

  • Expand testing;
  • Procurement of Personal Protective Equipment;
  • And to pay employees.

Click HERE for the HHS announcement. In addition to funding, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released guidance this week on how to reopen nursing homes. Part of that guidance includes robust COVID-19 testing, which is one way nursing homes can use these relief funds.

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