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Leader Rodgers Statement on the America Concedes Act


Speaker Pelosi’s plan for more reckless spending that will surrender America’s competitive edge to China.

Washington, D.C. — Democrats in the House just passed H.R. 4521, the America Concedes Act, a bill that will set America back in our fight to compete against China.

Before passage, House Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) delivered the following remarks on the House floor in opposition of this bill. She said, “If the Democrats wanted to make America more competitive, they would abandon their destructive agenda and work with us to reform burdensome permitting, licensing, and regulatory regimes.”

Watch and read her full remarks below:


“This isn’t just a missed opportunity to boost American competitiveness, it actually will set us back in our goal to beat China and win the future.

“I’ve heard the majority say that if you oppose this bill, you aren’t in favor of increasing our competitiveness against China.

“Yet the White House didn’t even mention China in its statement of support. This is a go it alone approach that will actually embolden China. It ignores the damage of the radical agenda that’s been pushed through this Congress under one party rule and what it has done in our ability to compete.

“The Chinese Communist Party tries to compete by cheating, stealing, and using their centrally controlled economy to pick winners and losers through massive government subsidies.

“Instead of embracing free markets and American ingenuity, this bill tries to copy that type of approach of centralized industrial policy and massive government handouts that benefit the political allies.

“We cannot, and should not even try, to beat the Chinese Communist Party at their own game.

“It’s not the American way.

“The United States of America has a record. We’ve done more to lift people out of poverty, raise the standard of living, cure diseases, and spur innovation than any other country in the history of the world.

“We’ve done so by creating an environment built on freedom, free markets, human rights, and the respect for human dignity.

“Where success isn’t contingent upon the approval or direction of the federal government.

“Where hard work, creative thinking, and risk-taking are rewarded.

“The approach of this bill ignores this and instead attempts to cover up the many crises that have been created under the past year by the Biden-Harris administration and this majority.”


“Virtually every piece of the radical agenda from the last year under one-party rule has hurt America’s ability to compete.

“The war on American energy has set back our energy independence and harmed our economic and national security, while making us more dependent on China.

“The record amount of spending has created rampant inflation.

“The regulatory agenda has made it more difficult for our businesses.

“Speaker Pelosi’s drug pricing control scheme will destroy American medical innovation.

“The radical environmental agenda will make it impossible to have domestic source for critical minerals and chemicals needed for advanced manufacturing.

“And the push over to keep our schools closed will set back an entire generation of Americans.

“If the Democrats wanted to make America more competitive, they would abandon their destructive agenda and work with us to reform burdensome permitting, licensing, and regulatory regimes.

“Sadly, this legislation out of the Speaker’s office, is Speaker Pelosi doubling down on that agenda. One that is benefitting political allies, leading to rampant waste, fraud, and abuse, and the increase of dependence on China.”


“There were many bipartisan provisions from Energy and Commerce included in this bill, but unfortunately, the overall bill is extremely problematic.

“And previously, bipartisan programs that we had negotiated that would spur development and deployment of, for example, advanced communications infrastructure had labor restrictions attached to them that’s only going to make it harder for us to lead in 5G and next-generation communications.

“It also creates massive slush funds, more grants for Democrats’ political allies.

“There’s a new grant and loan guarantee program at the Department of Energy that is Solyndra on steroids. $3 billion ‘Domestic Solar Manufacturing Program’ with less waste, fraud, and abuse protections than what had led to Solyndra.

“This is supercharged Solyndra that would make us more dependent upon China that controls critical materials.

“There is a $45 billion supply chain program that is also for their political allies, prioritizing labor unions, Blue State mayors and governors, and other allies over businesses and entities that could actually make our supply chains more resilient.

“I urge my colleagues to abandon this plan. Let’s not surrender our competitive edge to China.

“Let’s work on real solutions that will make us more competitive, win the future, and offer a better life for all.”

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