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Leader Rodgers Opening Remarks at Full Committee Markup of 12 Bills


Washington, D.C. — Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) delivered remarks in today’s full committee markup of 12 pieces of legislation.

Excerpts and highlights from her prepared remarks:

“I’m pleased that we are advancing 12 bills in a bipartisan fashion today.”


“Two of the bills before us today renew and authorize key public health programs — an important duty for us as an authorizing committee.

“Mr. Guthrie’s Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Reauthorization Act reauthorizes federal support for statewide programs that help children with hearing loss get early intervention services.

“Mr. Carter’s Improving the Health of Children Act reauthorizes activities at the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities.

“We will also consider bills that establish new public health programs, like Representatives Herrera Beutler and Mullin’s SHINE for Autumn Act to help more moms and babies.

“Rep. Andy Barr’s legislation, the CAROL Act, in honor of his wife, will support heart disease research and prevention programs.

“We’re also taking action on bills that will support our health workforce, such as the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act and the Allied Health Workforce Diversity Act.

“This bill will increase the number of respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and physical therapists in rural and underserved communities, like in my district.

“Finally, in health, we’ll consider the Act for ALS Act.

“It will bring hope to those with ALS and their families by facilitating early access to breakthrough treatments and help us to one day find a cure.”


“From the Communications and Technology Subcommittee, we have Rep. Bilirakis’s Spectrum Coordination Act, to bolster American leadership in 5G, 6G and future technologies.

“It requires the FCC and NTIA to update their Memorandum of Understanding on spectrum coordination.

“It’s important that this Committee asserts its jurisdiction and ensures federal spectrum holders are using their spectrum efficiently.

“To win the future, we must continue to make enough commercial spectrum available.

“These public fights among federal agencies and private industry harm our ability to compete globally, especially with China, and the experts need to be empowered without the interagency politics.”


“I’m also pleased to see two bipartisan bills from the Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittee.

“The INFORM Consumers Act, from Chair Schakowsky and Ranking Member Bilirakis will make e-commerce a safer place and ensure platforms are proper stewards of their marketplaces.

“The Restoring Brand USA Act, from Ranking Member Bilirakis and Congressman Welch, will help bring international tourism back to our hospitality sectors crushed by the pandemic.

“I hope we can build on this work to tackle inflationary pressures, supply chain risks, and bolster more consumer protections that help our constituents.

“In short, I’m proud of today’s bipartisan work. Thank you to all our members who are leading.

“It’s proof that when we work together, we achieve policies that drive real results.”

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