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Leader Rodgers on Fox Business: Inflation is at a 30-Year High. It’s an Ugly Hidden Tax.


Leader Rodgers joined Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street show on Fox Business to expose the consequences of President Biden’s tax and spending spree on American families. Leader Rodgers highlighted how the socialist agenda will worsen surging inflation and energy costs – and raise taxes on hardworking American families. Watch the interview ↓


“What we’ve seen from the [Biden] administration has really been an attack on American energy. After decades of work, we finally became energy independent. President Biden with Secretary [of Energy] Granholm have attacked American energy. It’s had a chilling effect and we’re seeing the impact on gas prices.”


“From Day One, this administration shut down the Keystone pipeline. Weeks later they said ‘yes’ to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany. At the same time, they shut down American energy exploration and development on federal lands. All of this is having a chilling effect on American energy.

“[American energy] is so important to our economy, to our national security. They’re headed in the wrong direction. We have an energy crisis and we need to have the Secretary testify in front of the Energy and Commerce Committee to answer these questions for us to figure out what steps we can be taking so that we get these prices down.”


“This is an agenda that is divorced from reality. The Biden administration is putting their climate agenda for renewable energy and electric vehicles ahead of both national and energy security.

“Their agenda is going to make us dangerously dependent upon China for these supply chains. We know that China controls the renewable supply chain around wind, and solar, and electric vehicles. Yet the administration is moving forward with this agenda at the expense of American energy, which is so important to our national security, to our competitiveness, and to American families.”


“Inflation is at a 30-year high and it’s an ugly hidden tax that people face. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We’re going to have the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner ever because inflation is a hidden tax that people pay when they go to grocery store or when they go to fill up their car with gas.”


“What President Biden and the Democrats are proposing is absolutely going to raise taxes on middle class families at a time that they’re already hurting.”