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Leader Rodgers on Fox Business: Democrats ‘Doubling Down’ on Spending Bills No Matter the ‘Collateral Damage’


ICYMI: House Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) today appeared on Fox Business Network’s Mornings with Maria to discuss President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s grand socialist scheme. With House Democrats stopping at nothing to pass their radical agenda, Leader Rodgers highlighted the devastating consequences for American families. 

Below are excerpts from this morning’s interview.

Infrastructure and BBB 

“Clearly, the Democrats did not get the message on Tuesday that America is rejecting this grand socialist scheme that Speaker Pelosi’s put forward.” 

“Speaker Pelosi said this was a once in a century moment to fundamentally transform the United States of America, and she’s just doubling down. It is full speed ahead, no matter the collateral damage.” 

“What we see before us is the proposal for trillions of dollars in spending. It’s more federal control of our lives. It’s shutting down American energy.” 

“We’re facing rising costs – inflation – as you go to pump up your car with gas or go to the grocery store.”

Authoritarian Vaccine Mandates 

“This vaccine mandate is wrong. It’s using fear, it’s using force. Clearly the Biden administration [does] not respect individuals to make the best health care decisions for themselves. This is the federal government coming in to control your health care decisions.” 

“We are going to fight this because individuals should not have to choose between complying with a government mandate or … losing their livelihood.”  

“Instead of this, we should be educating. We should be encouraging individuals to talk to their doctor. That’s the way that we build trust. This approach only builds resentment.” 

Democrats in Disarray Over Radical Spending 

“On the Energy and Commerce Committee we’ve had Democrats that have rejected the prescription drug pricing scheme. This is a proposal that is going to cost Americans innovation, cost us cures at the very time that we’re on the verge of some amazing discoveries.”

“I continue to hear that moderate Democrats in particular… are concerned about spending. They know that this is only going to cause more inflation.” 

“It’s [the] record spending of money [and] record printing of money in the United States of America with no way to pay for it and no accountability. And they know that ultimately it is going to hurt hard working American families.” 

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