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Leader Rodgers and Doctor Joyce Deliver Remarks at Vaccine Confidence Hearing


Washington, D.C. — House Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Representative John Joyce (R-PA), a physiciandelivered opening remarks at Wednesday’s Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee hearing on building Americans’ confidence in the coronavirus vaccines.

Excerpts and highlights from their prepared remarks:


“Thanks to the innovative work of the private sector, the Trump Administration, and Operation Warp Speed, America has led the way with safe and effective vaccines.

“It’s a historic and remarkable example of American innovation that is giving people the courage to dream again.

 “As we work to get a vaccine to every person who wants one, building trust and confidence is foundational.

“Our goal today is to equip people with the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves, their children, and their families.

“That is the American way  to lead with trust, not fear.

“So I want to thank our distinguished panel for being here to share their expertise and answer questions people may have about the COVID-19 vaccines.

“I would now like to yield the remainder of my time to Dr. John Joyce, who is leading with other doctors in Congress to encourage people to talk to their doctors about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.


“I would like to thank Ranking Member McMorris Rodgers for yielding me time and for Chair DeGette and Ranking Member Griffith for holding this hearing on such an important topic.

“Safe and effective vaccines are critical tools as our nation seeks to eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic, restore our personal freedoms, and re-establish our normal way of life as Americans.

Thanks to the success of Operation Warp Speed under President Donald Trump’s leadership, multiple safe vaccines were developed and produced in record time.

“As a physician, I believe that every American who wants a vaccine should be able to get one  and this choice must remain between an individual and their doctor or community pharmacist. Alongside other doctors in Congress, I have encouraged every American to talk to their own doctor or health care provider to discuss the vaccine.

I chose to get the vaccine as soon as it was available to me. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists nationwide recommend the COVID-19 vaccine to their patients, and over 90 percent of doctors in the U.S. have already chosen to get vaccinated.

“There are many reasons that some people, even those that want to get vaccinated, still have not received their vaccine  including those who do not realize that they are eligible to get vaccinated at this time; those who do not know how to sign-up to get a vaccine; those who are concerned about taking time off from work, especially if they have side effects; and those who have questions and concerns about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, among others.

“We have also heard about access challenges, including for those who live in rural areas of the country. For instance, there are people in my own Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who do not have access to the internet, a computer, or a smartphone and do not know how to sign-up for an appointment without those resources.

We have also heard instances of people who live far away from the vaccine distribution sites. These are just some of the hurdles that we must overcome so that rural Americans are not left behind simply because of where they live.

Widespread vaccination is the key to restoring our freedom and getting our communities back to normal. Despite the challenges ahead, we have made substantial progress. I look forward to working with the members of this committee towards achieving these goals.”

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