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ICYMI: Rep. Walden talks COVID-19 on Hugh Hewitt Show


Washington, DC—Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Greg Walden (R-OR) joined the Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss the CARES Act which the president just signed. This $2.2 trillion package is the largest congressional relief effort in our nation’s history and it will bring much-needed aid directly to the American people.

You can listen to the full interview here.

LISTEN -> Rep. Walden on Americans coming together during this pandemic.

“Americans are coming together – from sewing circles in my community making masks because we didn’t have enough. I talked to one of my county commissioners using the juvenile department to make the face masks for a hospital, plastic ones. I mean people are coming together. President Trump and his team have done an amazing job freeing up long overdue regulations that needed to be loosened, protecting public safety along the way but expediting the ability for ingenuity and innovation in America to do what we do best. That’s address a crisis, find a solution, and get to the other side.”

LISTEN-> Rep. Walden on improving our health care system and supply chain. 

“We’re going to need to find a way to pay for this enormous package we’re putting forth, and leave in place exactly the kind of health delivery system that can serve in emergencies. South Koreans learn from SARS, that’s why they were a little bit faster in having the test capabilities. On the Energy and Commerce Committee, we’ve been looking at this for a long time, taking action, and banging the bell. The other thing that needs to happen, Hugh, is we’ve got to change our supply chain vulnerabilities. Whether it’s for drugs, whether it’s for medical supplies, or our telecommunications networks. We need to get smart and we need to do it now.”

LISTEN-> Rep. Walden on keeping our supply chains here at home.

“When Republicans were in charge in the House and I was chairman of the committee, we moved legislation to expedite the approval process and maintain safety guardrails for new, innovative nuclear energy development, small-scale nuclear development which is essential for the future, and we lead in America on that. You’ve got NuScale from my state of Oregon moving through that process now showing great signs. You’re right – we’ve got to bring manufacturing jobs here, and no president has ever led on this like President Trump has. I mean he’s sounded this alarm from the beginning.”

LISTEN -> Rep. Walden on bipartisan consensus to build an infrastructure of response in U.S.

“My friend and colleague from Silicon Valley, Anna Eshoo, chairs the Health Subcommittee and she, and I, and Susan Brooks from Indiana, and others have been saying this is what needs to happen. Now, let’s be smart about the supply chain. We want those jobs here, that’s good. We want the security here, that’s essential. But remember, we also had a problem with the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico – turns out that’s where all our  saline was made. So, we need to be smart. Even though it’s here, doesn’t mean it’s secure, in terms of supply chain vulnerability. Let’s put that first; let’s work with our allies and friends; and let’s make sure that we’re able to take care of Americans when a catastrophe, and understand this is a natural thing that’s happened with coronavirus—what happens if it’s not? This is the time to knock the partisan bickering and do what’s right for the country. We’ve got plenty of reports that tell us we’re vulnerable on supply chain. We need to be able to pay for these things, and there’s a way to go forward.”

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