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ICYMI: Leader Rodgers Discusses China’s Human Rights Abuses at Hudson Institute


The Chinese Communist Party continues to commit atrocious human rights abuses. From genocide to forced labor and the suppression of free speech. This tyrannical, rule through fear behavior has no place in the 21st Century.   

Today, House Energy and Commerce Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joined Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Nury Turkel for a discussion on the importance of defending freedom, human rights, and dignity for all. 

Excerpts and highlights from Leader Rodgers’ discussion with Nury Turkel:  


“It is time to stand up for integrity and the virtues of our society that we value most. Virtues like freedom of speech, the rule of law, entrepreneurial enterprise, and others.” 


“We should foster innovation at home by embracing an open, entrepreneurial, market-based economy that encourages innovation, lifts people out of poverty, saves lives, and improves the world around us.  

“Human rights, free markets, these are not values the CCP shares.    

“The more we embrace these values and openly reject the abuses of the CCP, the less confident it will feel that it can commit such atrocities without consequence.” 


“American energy independence, American energy dominance, continuing to lead in clean energy solutions must be embraced. It’s one of the best ways we can counter China. But right now we’re seeing this war on American energy, and what it’s doing is it is weakening us. 

“We need to really assess the environmental agenda right now that is making it more difficult to resource domestic sources for critical minerals as well as the chemicals needed for advanced manufacturing. 

“Right now there’s this ‘keep it in the ground’ movement… that’s only playing to China’s advantage, to their strengths on fossil fuels and critical minerals.  

“We need a smart approach, we need to root our energy agenda in reality, to secure a cleaner energy future. But we need to do it the American way, which will mean embracing the benefits of American resources, innovation, and reliable energy, and also securing our energy supply chains.” 


“On the Energy and Commerce Committee, my colleagues and I have been working on legislation around Big Tech and protecting the privacy of Americans’ personal data—I believe that we need a national privacy law—[and] we have legislation to address Big Tech’s troubling relationship with China, especially when it comes to the security of the personal information of Americans.  

“We know Big Tech collects a tremendous amount of data. We also know that China has collected a huge amount of Americans’ personal and identifiable data just in recent years. We need to make sure we are putting Americans first, especially as it relates to their data and information.  

“We need to know what China is doing with the data it has collected and what Big Tech’s relationship is with the Chinese Communist Party.” 

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