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How Biden is Ceding America’s Energy Leadership to Saudi Arabia and China


President Biden is allowing foreign dictators and regimes like Saudi Arabia and the Chinese Communist Party to call the shots for America’s energy security.

To lower prices and make America energy dominant again, he should be ending his war on American energy and flipping the switch for more domestic production.

Instead, President Biden has:

  • Praised OPEC+, which includes Russia.
  • Eased sanctions on Venezuela.
  • Shutdown pipelines.
  • Canceled oil leases in places like Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Offended and tried to shift blame to American small businesses and gas stations.
  • And much more.

Now, he’s headed to Saudi Arabia to ask for more oil. Why isn’t he visiting Texas or North Dakota, with vast energy resources to help produce millions of barrels more per day than we are now? It makes no sense. It appears President Biden will do anything to avoid unleashing domestic energy here at home.

It gets worse. The Biden administration is further weakening our security by allowing America’s energy reserves to go to one of our biggest foes: China.

Don’t miss in Fox Business:

Energy and Commerce Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA):

The American people deserve answers as to why our emergency energy reserves are being sent to foreign adversaries like the Chinese Communist Party, compromising our energy security and national security. Energy and Commerce Republicans asked the Secretary of Energy about the administration’s mismanagement of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve, and we have yet to receive a response. What do they have to hide? President Biden needs to remember that our strategic energy reserves are for emergencies, not to cover-up bad policies. America needs to flip the switch and increase our capacity to produce and refine oil here at home. Now is not the time to use our strategic stockpile.”

A few more key points to know about our Strategic Petroleum Reserve:

  • Instead of encouraging and facilitating domestic production of oil and gas, the Biden administration is depleting our Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) in an attempt to cover up the disastrous effects of its anti-fossil fuel energy policies.
  • President Biden is draining the SPR, which is no longer the world’s largest government-controlled stockpile of oil, at an unprecedented rate, with no plan to refill it.
  • Meanwhile, China continues to gain geopolitical leverage as it builds up its own strategic reserves. Bottom line: We should not be sending our SPR oil to China.

BOTTOMLINE: Energy security is national security. If President Biden doesn’t want to keep getting played by foreign dictators, he must restore American energy leadership and utilize our abundant resources to keep America safe.

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