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E&C Republicans Urge Biden to Flip the Switch for More American Energy


Energy and Commerce Republicans continue to lead and urge President Joe Biden to flip the switch and boost American energy production to lower costs, create jobs, and strengthen America’s geopolitical power.

Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA): “Energy is foundational to everything we do.


“With an all-the-above strategy, we can again say ‘yes’ to America’s global leadership and lower energy prices. I continue to urge my colleagues across the aisle to work with us. Let’s flip the switch on American energy to ensure a better life and more secure future for all.”

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA): “President Biden wants to ‘build back better.’ What he doesn’t realize is that, first, we must be able to build. Many otherwise ‘shovel-ready’ infrastructure projects get trapped in bureaucratic gridlock for years.

“Developers routinely find themselves navigating environmental reviews that require up to over 60 authorizations from as many as 13 different federal agencies.”

Rep. Larry Bucshon, M.D. (R-IN):

“This administration is asking countries like Iran and Venezuela to compensate for the ban on Russian imports and ignoring American energy producers.”

“I urge the administration to flip the switch and reduce our dependence on foreign energy by increasing production of oil and gas at home. We can do this!”

Rep. John Joyce, M.D. (R-PA): “It’s time to return not only to American energy independence, but American energy dominance. It’s time to get to work for the American people.”

Check out these highlights of Energy and Commerce Republicans exposing what’s behind the pain at the pump in our joint forum with the House Committee on Natural Resources and the Select Climate Committee:

Rep. Michael Burgess, M.D. (R-TX): “By the stroke of a pen on his first day in office, President Biden weakened America’s energy independence by rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, killing the Keystone XL pipeline, and unlawfully blocking new energy development on federal lands.

Rep. David B. McKinley (R-WV): “The Biden Administration admits the quickest way to lower the price of gas is increasing production. Yet they still prioritize ending the use of fossil fuels over providing relief at the pump for Americans.”

Rep. Neal Dunn (R-FL): “We cannot deflect the blame to Russia’s inhumane invasion purely. Gas prices were already skyrocketing thanks to President Biden completely ending fossil fuel projects on day one.”

Rep. John Joyce, M.D. (R-PA): “This energy crisis is one of the most important issues we need to be addressing right now in the House of Representatives. Inflation is surging, gas prices are skyrocketing, and the Biden administration refuses act.

“It’s time for Biden to take the responsibility for what his policies are doing to hardworking American citizens. It’s time for Biden to care more about families in Pennsylvania than he does the Green New Deal. It’s time to drill American oil.”

Rep. Larry Bucshon, M.D. (R-IN): “We have the example in Europe (Germany) of what happens to a country when they get so far ahead and so much more worried about where they’re going on clean energy and they fail to look at the timeline of what’s doable and how that impacts their economy.”

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA): “I asked my constituents…how are high gas prices impacting you? Here are some are the responses I got.

“Mark can’t visit his grandkids…Amanda is worried she will have to quit her job in home health because the commute is too expensive.”

Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND): “Two days ago, Secretary Granholm was celebrating that she issued two permits…but apparently that wasn’t good enough because yesterday she started talking about gouging.”

Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL): “The House Progressive Caucus this week offered ideas to the Biden administration calling on the President to declare a ‘national climate emergency’ and to ban fossil fuel leases. We’ve got the administration bragging about 9,000 permits but you’ve got the progressive caucus calling for a complete ban on fossil fuels.”