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Democrats’ Tax and Spending Spree Means Higher Energy Prices, Less Reliability, and More Debt


The Democrats’ latest tax and spending spree will weaken our economy, kill American jobs, and make energy less reliable, less secure, and more expensive.

The socialist scheme will reduce Americans’ choices, mandate more expensive “green” energy, and increase our dependence on China for energy and manufactured products.  It will push America deeper into a recession and make life even more unaffordable for people suffering under President Biden’s record-high inflation crisis through its attack on American energy production and jobs.

American energy production is foundational to everything we do. When energy costs go up, so does the cost of virtually everything else.

Instead of unleashing American energy production to help lower prices across the board, Democrats are continuing their attack on American energy and jobs.

Here are some of the worst provisions in their reckless spending scheme:

  1. A natural gas tax. It’s a tax on every part of our lives – making it more expensive to heat our homes, grow and cook our food, and manufacture goods in America. Democrats are continuing their assault on affordable and reliable natural gas with a new tax that will hit every American. That’s right – Democrats want to further drive-up costs on families already hurt by President Biden’s inflation crisis.
  2. Solyndra on steroids. Democrats are proposing a $250 billion expansion of the Department of Energy loan program to provide taxpayer subsidies to special interests for “green” energy technologies that are so risky that traditional banks will not back them. This will be ripe for even more waste, fraud, and abuse than the Obama-era Solyndra fiasco, which was a $500 million loan.
  3. EPA-run national climate bank. This is nothing more than an unaccountable $27-billion-dollar slush fund with taxpayer dollars for the Left to fund its chosen pet projects for more solar and their rush-to-green, and dole out money to their special interest groups.
  4. EPA-run environmental and climate justice block grants. These grants are intended to shut down American energy with a $3 billion down payment on the Green New Deal programs, money to drive political and legal activism by “non-profit community groups” with state and federal officials. This taxpayer-funded, billion-dollar giveaway and rushed transition to solar, wind, and electric vehicles will make Americans more dependent on Chinese supply chains and critical minerals.

BOTTOM LINE: The hardworking men and women of this country can’t afford the Democrats’ attack on American energy production and jobs.

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