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Democrats Double Down on Making Life Unaffordable


No cost on the American people is too high to stop them from achieving their grand socialist agenda.

President Joe Biden and the Democrats are preparing to raise taxes and spend an irresponsible amount of money for more command and control over the economy and people’s lives. Their Inflation and Recession Act will make inflation worse, raise taxes, make America more reliant on China’s supply chains, destroy lifesaving cures and treatments, and make energy and healthcare MORE expensive.

As this massive bill moves to the House, here are just some of the ways Senate Democrats voted to make life harder for every American by blocking Republican-led amendments.

Senate Democrats doubled down to promote their war on American energy, raise prices across the board, and stop permitting reforms to secure our supply chains.

They voted:

  • For more taxes and price increases as the gas pump.
  • To shutdown American energy and onshore domestic energy production.
  • For a $45 million slush fund to give the Environmental Protection Agency unchecked control over our economy.
  • Against permitting reforms for energy infrastructure projects despite their assurances to fix these problems.
  • To further destroy American energy dominance by stopping offshore oil and gas leasing.
  • Against American coal miners and more jobs, including in West Virginia.
  • To send more of America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China.
  • For more radical spending despite surging costs for groceries, gasoline, diesel fuel, home heating oil, and other housing expenses.
  • Again, to increase prices at the pump.
  • To keep energy costs high and kill American energy jobs.
  • Against securing our nickel and cobalt supply chains with permitting reforms.

Instead of putting the American people first and alleviating the burdens of the inflation crisis, Democrats also doubled down on their radical agenda and sending payouts to their political allies.

They voted:

  • For the radical Left’s open border agenda.
  • To prioritize teacher unions and IRS agents over children recovering from government mandated COVID-19 school shutdowns.
  • To subsidize child and slave labor in electric vehicle supply chains.
  • To subsidize the wealthy and rich to buy electric luxury vehicles.
  • To prioritize their rush-to-green political allies over addressing the fentanyl crisis.

Finally, instead of working with Republicans on solutions like the Lower Costs, More Cures Act, Democrats doubled down on socialist price controls that will lead to fewer cures and more expensive drugs in the future.

They voted:

  • Against protecting future cures for a range of serious conditions, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and sickle cell disease.
  • Against making insulin more affordable and available at community health centers.

Bottomline: Despite many chances to stop the pain the Inflation and Recession Act will inflict on the American people, every Democrat said NO. Why? Because even with surging energy prices and inflation at a 41-year high, no cost on the American people is too high to stop them from taking money from hardworking Americans to achieve their grand socialist agenda.