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The Democrats’ PFAS Vision: No Medical Devices, No PPE, No Protective Gear, No Wind and Solar Energy, No EVs, and the List Goes On


Washington, D.C. — Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee blocked Republican attempts to allow PFAS chemicals to be safely used in critical products like medical devices, PPE, and protective gear for our law enforcement and military. Rather than support bipartisan amendments to the PFAS bill, they voted to uphold de facto bans on products that people use every day, life-saving devices, greener technologies, and semiconductor chips that are essential to America’s global competitive edge.

By blocking Republican-led amendments, Democrats today cast votes essentially for a world without:

  • Life-saving medical devices like infant heart valves and surgical instruments
  • Personal protection equipment which was critical to the COVID-19 pandemic response
  • Protective equipment like Kevlar for police officers, the military, and first responders
  • Semiconductor chips, key to beating China and America’s global competitive edge
  • Solar and wind turbine components for cleaner energy
  • Pipeline safety equipment
  • Lithium-ion batteries, a key component in electric vehicles
  • Airplanes, helicopters, and components for the aerospace industry

Bottomline: They put a de facto ban on America winning the future.

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