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Students Not Subways. Speaker Pelosi’s Pet Project Can Wait.


Washington D.C.— Today, Rep. Ashley Hinson (IA-01) led a motion to recommit to redirect $140 million that was earmarked for a failed rail project near Speaker’s Pelosi’s district towards funding mental health and suicide prevention services in states where children do not have the opportunity to receive inperson instruction in school. 

Every Democrat in the House voted to keep Speaker Pelosi’s pet project. 

About her “Students Not Subways” amendment, Rep. Hinson said This is Washington pork spending of the worst kind – the kind the Speaker puts in for herself. My amendment would take away the Speaker’s $140 million dollar subway carve out and instead redirect that money to a truly essential cause – supporting mental health programs for students.”

CLICK HERE to watch Rep. Hinson call for a vote on her “Students Not Subways amendment.