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President Biden’s Energy Reliability and Affordability Crisis


President Biden is celebrating the “Inflation Reduction Act” today. Here’s what he’s really celebrating:

  • Higher prices to heat your home
  • Higher costs of food at the grocery store
  • Higher prices to keep the lights on

Instead of working to lower the cost of natural gas and make life affordable again, President Biden is celebrating RAISING prices with his new natural gas tax. Even the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office confirmed that his natural gas tax will lead to higher energy bills, shut down natural gas, and create more uncertainty.

Americans are struggling to afford their grocery and energy bills. Over the past year, families have seen their grocery bills surge 13.5%. It’s the biggest increase since March 1979.

Natural gas has surged to a 14-year high and will only get more expensive with the Democrats’ natural gas tax.

What the Biden administration is celebrating: they don’t want affordable energy. They want their far-left Green New Deal agenda to shutdown American energy production.

Remember, the administration wants us to follow Europe’s energy crisis:

  • President Biden on the campaign trail: “No more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling including offshore—no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill—period.”
  • Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm on shutting down fossil fuels: “We can’t afford to maintain our overdependence on fossil fuels. And with advances in clean energy technologies, we don’t have to. But, how quickly we can break that dependence and accelerate the clean energy transition really depends on large part on us.”
  • Secretary Granholm on Europe’s crisis: It has been a horrible year in terms of the war and in terms of eyes-opened about how vulnerable we all are when we don’t create our home-grown energy sources, but that is in an accelerant as well toward the ultimate goal of getting to 100% clean electricity or net-zero by 2050.”
  • Secretary Granholm on the rush-to-green: Right now, we are witnessing the beginning of one of the most significant events in history: the clean energy transition. It is long overdue, and it can’t progress fast enough.”
  • White House Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy on eliminating fossil fuels: “We need to reduce our dependence on oil altogether.”

Since taking office, President Biden and his administration have made good on their promise to shut down energy exploration and development. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the Biden administration has leased fewer acres of federal land for oil and gas drilling in his time in office since any other president since Harry Truman.

Instead of celebrating massive price hikes on people and their families, President Biden needs to work with Republicans to support abundant, reliable, and affordable energy resources, including coal, oil, natural gas, hydropower, and nuclear power.

Unfortunately, House Democrats have blocked the American Energy Independence from Russia Act at least SIX TIMES. This bill would flip the switch on American energy by immediately approving the Keystone XL pipeline, removing all restrictions on U.S. LNG exports, and restarting oil and gas leasing on our federal lands and offshore waters.


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