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President Biden Should Look to America for Energy, Not Saudi Arabia


Inflation just hit another 40-year high. The price of everything is surging, and it’s because of President Joe Biden’s war on American energy with actions like shutting down pipelines and canceling oil and gas leases in places like Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. His message to American energy workers is we don’t need your business here despite surging energy prices for every family in this country.

Meanwhile, President Biden is in Saudi Arabia begging for more oil. It’s just another example of how he’s made America reliant on foreign regimes like China and Russia for our energy.

The answer to President Biden’s energy crisis is right here in front of him. It’s not in Saudi Arabia. It’s in the fields of Texas, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, and across the United States, and at the hands of American workers and producers.

Yesterday, House Energy and Commerce Republican Committee Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joined House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy to hear directly from these American energy producers. Overwhelmingly, they all urged President Biden to end his war on domestic energy and work with them to utilize our abundant resources to lower prices, create jobs, and keep America safe.

Don’t miss what they had to say below.

Highlights from the roundtable discussion:

Tom Jordan, President and CEO, Coterra Energy Inc.: “We have tremendous obstacles in front of us. You’ve mentioned federal permits and we need infrastructure… it’s amazing to me that the President is calling on the E&P producer to increase production in the United States after killing the Keystone XL pipeline.”

Jeff Wilson, VP for Public & Energy Affairs, Devon Energy Corp.: “People listen when people in power talk. And when people in the administration, such as the President or those who work for him, denigrate the industry or talk about profiteering in a time of war it has an impact not only on us and the people who work for us, but our investors as well.”


“Natural gas in Europe costs 10 times more today than it does in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and that’s a choice about policy. We could find ourselves in that same situation if we make that same mistake.

Joe Leimkuhler, COO, Beacon Offshore Energy: “So, what do we see right now? Well, we see limited support for continued oil and gas development. Offshore leasing is in question.”


“If we could just see some supportif we could just quit being demonizedit would certainly encourage us to go forward and do the things that are necessary, in a safe and responsible way, to deliver clean energy to the country which is absolutely needed. And if we can’t do it, I shudder to think what the consequences might be.”

Steve Pruitt, President and CEO, Elevation Resources/Vice Chairman, Independent Petroleum Association of America: “Regulatory uncertainty is crushing us. The EPA announced they’re going to likely impose an ozone non attainment status for the Permian Basin, which is a great tool for the EPA to slow down permits.”

Leader Rodgers highlighted how foundational energy is to America and how it can be produced here at home.

“The United States of America has done more to lift people out of poverty, raise the standard of living, led in innovation and technology breakthroughs in every sector. As you think about how that has happened, energy has been foundational to it all.

“It’s foundational to our way of life, certainly the cost-of-living issues are at forefront. Every time someone fills up with gasoline right now, they’re being reminded of how the cost of living has increased. Republicans we are anxious to unleash American energy. I’m proud to be here today with leading American energy producers, oil and natural gas.

“And we are the largest energy producing country in the world. We need to unleash American energy.

“It’s so important to every part of our lives. It is our standard living, it’s our way of life, it’s our economic competitiveness, it’s important to geopolitical aspect, our security, and our standing in the world.

“American energy and American leadership is so important. We have worked on numerous bills, and it’s been unfortunate to see the Biden administration and the majority in the House, led by Speaker Pelosi, say ‘no.’

“They are shutting down American energy and American energy producers.

“We spent decades working to become energy independent, and we finally achieved that goal in 2020. To see us turn in this other direction is devastating. It’s very destructive and it’s hurting American families first and foremost.

“And I know energy workers are anxious to go to work and unleash American energy. We’re anxious to do that on Capitol Hill.”

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