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Leader Rodgers on Fox Business: “There’s been zero transparency by the Biden administration” on COVID-19 spending.


House Energy & Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and House Budget Committee Republican Leader Jason Smith (R-MO) joined Larry Kudlow on Fox Business to expose the Biden administration’s failure to account for how, when, and where funding meant to address COVID-19 has been distributed and spent. As the Biden administration hints at the need for more spending, the committee leaders highlight why President Biden must first provide details with how the initial funds were spent.

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“There’s been zero transparency by the Biden administration as to how they’ve already spent trillions of dollars. We’ve been trying to get answers. Instead, we’re getting these reports that they’ve rerouted billions of dollars. We understand that they have rerouted $2 billion that was intended for testing [and other health initiatives] that we really need right now during this surge to help illegal immigrants at the southern border. There’s so many questions that need to be answered, and there is zero transparency, zero accountability.” – Leader Rodgers

NOTE: This week, House Energy & Commerce Committee Republican Leader Rodgers, House Budget Committee Republican Leader Smith, and House Ways & Means Committee Republican Leader Kevin Brady sent a letter to the Biden administration demanding answers and transparency how COVID-19 funds allocated by Congress have been spent. CLICK HERE to read the letter.

Click here or the image below to read Fox News’ coverage on the letter.