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Democrats Refuse to Help Expose Big Tech’s Harms to Children


Democrats continued to advance their radical socialist agenda and put their political priorities ahead of the American people. This included failing to include Republican amendments that would help protect our children from the harms of Big Tech.

WSJ REPORTS: The Wall Street Journal published an article yesterday on leaked internal research from Facebook revealing the harmful impact Instagram is having on kids. Facebook’s own research shows that one in five teens say that Instagram makes them feel worse about themselves and that teens who struggle with mental health say Instagram makes it worse.

 This isn’t just about Facebook though – it’s about the business model that Big Tech relies on to make money.

E&C GOP LEADING TO HOLD BIG TECH ACCOUNTABLE: After reading of the Journal’s report about the leaked Facebook data, Energy and Commerce Republican Leader for Consumer Protection and Commerce, Rep. Gus Bilirakis (R-FL), introduced an amendment to hold Big Tech accountable:

He said:

“This is a public health crisis and the deception from social media is unfair. It’s about time Congress act to protect our children. That’s why I have offered my amendment… This amendment will ensure the privacy bureau established under the base legislation use the funds to go after unfair and deceptive acts or practices targeting our children’s mental health and privacy by social media.”

LEADER RODGERS: Energy and Commerce Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) strongly supported Rep. Bilirakis’ amendment and condemned Big Tech for betraying our trust, saying:

“The science on social media is becoming clearer. We’ve seen troubling increases in the rates of depression, self-harm, suicides, and suicide attempts among American teens. And it is only getting worse.”


Big Tech companies like Facebook do not care about protecting the mental health of our children. Big Tech cares about one thing: money. And what makes them the most money? Our attention.


“It is now clear Big Tech is having a negative impact on our children’s mental health. It is time we move onto the next question and have NIH define just how bad that impact is and – importantly – how much worse it will get if we do not course correct.”

DEMS RESPONSE: Instead of choosing to support Mr. Bilirakis and protect our children from the harms of Big Tech, Democrats sided with Big Tech and refused to further expose Big Tech’s harm on children.

Is the wellbeing of our children really less important than the Left’s political agenda in Speaker Pelosi’s grand socialist agenda?

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