Chair Rodgers Announces Full Committee Markup of 28 Bills

Washington, D.C. — House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) today announced a Full Committee markup. The Committee will consider legislation from the Energy, Climate, and Grid Security; Environment, Manufacturing, and Critical Materials; Health; and Communications and Technology subcommittees. 

Chair Rodgers released the following statements: 

On the Energy and Environment bills: 

“The Energy and Commerce Committee has a rich history of enacting solutions that improve people’s livelihoods and freedom, all while maintaining America’s global energy and environmental leadership. We look forward to building on this legacy with solutions that modernize our pipeline infrastructure, enhance air quality standards and public health, and ensure Americans are free to choose the home appliances that work best for their lives.” 

On the Health bills:

“Americans are counting on us to deliver on bipartisan solutions that will help improve their health and wellbeing. We’re proud of the hard work that Members both on and off the Energy and Commerce Committee have done to bring forth these proposals to support patients and caregivers across America.” 

On the Communications and Technology bills: 

“In order to win the future, it is vital that our communications networks are secure. Continuing to rely on technology sourced from foreign adversaries jeopardizes people’s homes, schools, hospitals, our financial system, and the military. That is why Energy and Commerce Republicans are leading on solutions to remove dangerous equipment from our communications infrastructure and help cement America's technological and economic leadership for generations to come.”  

WHAT: A Full Committee Markup of 28 bills. 

DATE: Wednesday, March 20, 2024  

TIME: 10:00 AM ET 

LOCATION: 2123 Rayburn House Office Building  

Legislation to be considered

  • H.R. 7655, Pipeline Safety, Modernization, and Expansion Act of 2024 (Rep. Duncan) 
  • H.R. 7673, Liberty in Laundry Act (Rep. Ogles) 
  • H.R. 7645, Clothes Dryers Reliability Act (Rep. Ezell) 
  • H.R. 7637, Refrigerator Freedom Act (Rep. Miller-Meeks) 
  • H.R. 7626, Affordable Air Conditioning Act (Rep. Crenshaw) 
  • H.R. 7700, Stop Unaffordable Dishwasher Standards (SUDS) Act (Rep. Langworthy)
  • H.R. 7650, Air Quality Standards Implementation Act of 2024 (Rep. Carter)
  • H.R. 619, NAPA Reauthorization Act (Rep. Tonko)
  • H.R. 620, Alzheimer’s Accountability and Investment Act (Rep. C. Smith) 
  • H.R. 7218, Building Our Largest Dementia (BOLD) Infrastructure for Alzheimer's Act of 2024 (Rep. Guthrie) 
  • H.R. 4581, Maternal and Child Health Stillbirth Prevention Act of 2024 (Rep. Hinson)  
  • H.R. 2706, Charlotte Woodward Organ Transplant Discrimination Prevention Act (Rep. Cammack) 
  • H.R. 4646, SIREN Reauthorization Act (Rep. D. Joyce) 
  • H.R. 6160, To amend the Public Health Service Act to reauthorize a lifespan respite care program (Rep. Molinaro) 
  • H.R. 6960, Emergency Medical Services for Children Reauthorization Act of 2024 (Rep. Carter)  
  • H.R. 7153, Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Reauthorization Act (Rep. Wild) 
  • H.R. 7251, Poison Control Centers Reauthorization Act of 2024 (Rep. Chavez-DeRemer) 
  • H.R. 7224, To amend the Public Health Service Act to reauthorize the Stop, Observe, Ask, and Respond to Health and Wellness Training Program (Rep. Cohen) 
  • H.R. 7208, Dennis John Beningo Traumatic Brain Injury Program Reauthorization Act of 2024 (Rep. Pascrell) 
  • H.R. 6829, Cardiomyopathy Health Education, Awareness, and Research, and AED Training in the Schools (HEARTS) Act of 2024 (Rep. Pallone)  
  • H.R. 7189, Congenital Heart Futures Reauthorization Act of 2024 (Rep. Bilirakis) 
  • H.R. 7406, DeOndra Dixon INCLUDE Project Act of 2024 (Rep. McMorris Rodgers) 
  • H.R. 3916, SCREENS for Cancer Act of 2024 (Rep. Morelle)  
  • H.R. 5074, Kidney PATIENT Act (Rep. Carter) 
  • H.R. 2864, Countering CCP Drones Act (Rep. Stefanik) 
  • H.R. 820, Foreign Adversary Communications Transparency Act (Rep. Stefanik) 
  • H.R. 1513, Future Uses of Technology Upholding Reliable and Enhancing (FUTURE) Networks Act (Rep. Matsui) 
  • H.R. 7589, Removing Our Unsecure Technologies to Ensure Reliability and Security (ROUTERS) Act (Rep. Latta) 

This notice is at the direction of the Chair. The hearing will be open to the public and press and will be live streamed online at If you have any questions concerning the hearing, please contact Kaitlyn Peterson with the Committee staff at If you have any press-related questions, please contact Sean Kelly at and Christopher Krepich at