Every Mother Matters.

Lives Worth Living.

Every mother matters. Meet moms Cassie and Serena.

Cassie is a young mother who thought her only choice was to get an abortion, but after her first appointment with a pro-life pregnancy center everything changed.

Here’s Cassie in her own words.

“Once I saw the ultrasound and saw the heartbeat and the little flips he was doing...I decided that day when I saw the ultrasound that I wasn’t going to go through with the abortion.”

After that first ultrasound, Cassie kept coming back.

“I was up here all the time. Like, I was up here probably once a month. I would just come and see them, just to come in and say hi and of course every time they would always load me up with all kinds of baby stuff. Just because they wanted to make sure that I was comfortable and to let me know, you can do this.”

Cassie at her baby shower thrown by the pregnancy center

And, when it was time for her son to arrive, she defied what many told her she couldn’t do.

“Seeing him was so, shocking. I just had a kid, you know. Like I just gave birth. At 19 years old I’m giving birth and doing something that a lot of people told me I couldn’t do, and I did it. And he’s here and I’m healthy and he’s healthy and we did perfect. Knowing that I’m going to have someone growing up and calling me mom is just a miracle. And I don’t know it’s just, it’s exciting, knowing that I made the perfect decision.”

Cassie’s life is worth living.

Cassie after she gave birth to her son

Like Cassie, Serena also visited a pro-life pregnancy center, where she found support, love, and care.

“Once I got my ultrasound and everything, they referred me to Becky. Which was, like, the best thing in my life. Becky helped me with everything.”

I’m so happy everything that happened, happened. If I didn’t go to that women’s mobile clinic, I wouldn’t have met [Becky.]”

Becky’s love and support showed Serena that her life and her baby’s is worth living.

Serena and Becky sharing Serena’s experience with the pregnancy center.

VISIT Human Coalition’s website to watch Serena and Becky share their stories.

76% of women seeking an abortion said they would choose to parent if their financial, housing, or educational circumstances were different. Pro-life pregnancy centers like the ones Cassie and Serena visited are helping moms overcome the challenges they face to choose motherhood.

It’s horrific that pro-life pregnancies centers providing this security, stability, and hope to moms are under attack and facing violent threats from pro-abortion activists.

Instead of supporting and defending more pro-life pregnancy centers that provide health care and support to women at every stage of life, President Joe Biden wants to force other pro-life providers to violate their religious beliefs and perform abortions.

As Energy and Commerce Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers said, “President Biden’s decision to double down for more command and control by rolling back conscience protections is about forcing extreme positions on the American people, like abortion on demand until birth. This is wrong and dangerous. No one can be coerced by the federal government to violate their religious and sincerely held beliefs.”

Unfortunately, nearly every Democrat in Congress supports the Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act. It overrides pro-life state laws andallows for any late-term abortion regardless of the welfare of the mother or the baby. It has nothing to do with women’s health, and everything to do with ignoring science to force an extreme position on all of America.

It’s more radical than Roe — making America just as extreme as China and North Korea. Under the Democrats’ bill, viability is whatever the abortionist deems it to be.

For moms like Cassie and Serena, we must stop the Left’s radical, extreme, and discriminatory abortion agenda and uphold the value, dignity, and potential of every person’s life – both mother and baby.

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