Chair Rodgers on Fox Business: “We Must Reverse President Biden’s War on American Energy”

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy Rodgers (R-WA) joined Fox Business’ Larry Kudlow yesterday to discuss E&C Republicans’ robust agenda to reverse the damage of President Biden’s war on American energy. Chair Rodgers said that the Republican majority in the House will be demanding officials from the Biden administration testify about their rush-to-green agenda.

Check out the interview and highlights of Chair Rodgers:


“We must reverse President Biden's war on American energy, and this week in committee, we started the process.

“We have several bills that we voted on in [our] subcommittees.

“Our goal is to have a very significant down payment on the House floor at the end of this month.

“We want to get this out of the House to unleash American energy [which is] just so foundational to our economy, our geopolitical standing, our leadership... to bring down gas prices, and secure our supply chains.”


“We are desperate for permitting reform in the United States. It's the number one barrier to getting anything done in manufacturing, let alone drilling or refining or processing.

“We have a regulatory climate right now that is the number one barrier to get anything done.

“[E&C Republicans] have legislation that would address permitting for pipelines. We want to export LNG to our partners and allies around the world.

“It's really natural gas and the shale revolution in the United States of America that has brought down prices, but also led the country in bringing down carbon emissions.

“We have legislation that would express our disapproval of when the President shut down the Keystone XL pipeline. We would prevent the president from putting a moratorium on fracking.

“We must reform the permitting process and flip the switch on American energy to get us energy independent again.

“We need to reduce those timelines, whether it's a solar plant or a pipeline or whatever the project may be, including expanding refining capacity.

“We must reduce the timeline so that we can actually get projects built, get manufacturing going in the United States, and unleash American energy.

“It's the best thing that we can do to bring down the price of gas, secure our supply chains so that we're not dependent upon China for critical minerals, and help our partners and allies around the world.”


“Agency directors have to come in front of these committees.

“The secretaries for the last two years have been protected by the Democrats in the majority.

“We will be having the secretaries come in, whether it's [Department of] Energy and FERC.

“We'll ask them the questions that are fundamental to our role as the elected representatives of the people—to provide that oversight, to bring in the agencies, to ask them the questions.”


“When these agencies do not cooperate, we can exercise the power of the purse and ultimately cut their budgets and we're working very closely with the Appropriations Committee.

“We must as the elected representatives of the people.

“This is pretty fundamental: Article One, exercise the power of the purse and provide that oversight.

“Many of these agencies are implementing their own political agenda, their political appointees, by the President, and they're implementing his agenda.

“Right now, it’s pretty radical when it comes to shutting down American energy or shutting down projects, whether it's in Alaska or mining projects across the country.

“We are bringing them in. We are going to hold them accountable and get them back to the task of what they're supposed to be doing within the law and for the American people.”