Leader Rodgers on Newsmax: For a Nation that is Safe, We MUST Reverse the Crime & Fentanyl Crises

Nov 04, 2022
In the News

On Thursday, Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joined Newsmax’s Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg to discuss rising crime and the fentanyl crisis, which are plaguing communities across the nation – including in Spokane, Washington.


“I come from Spokane, Washington, known as a ‘big small town,’ but we don’t feel safe anymore. Unfortunately, the soft on crime policies are having a direct impact on the streets in Spokane. We have increased crime, increased drug abuse, increased homicides, and break ins. It’s become a normal practice and people don’t feel safe on our streets.

“We need to end this dangerous anti-police rhetoric. We need to be supporting those that put on the uniform to keep us safe and secure.

“In Congress, the Republicans, we’ve introduced the Commitment to America that includes supporting 200,000 more police officers and giving them bonuses and hiring incentives so that we can keep our streets safe.”

“We need to stop the flow of fentanyl coming in across the border and right now that legislation has been delayed in Congress.” 


Leader Rodgers and Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans are leading to stop the scourge of fentanyl. READ her op-ed in the Washington Times, “How we solve the fentanyl crisis and save lives.” 


Illicit fentanyl is surging across our southern border and killing more people than ever. This drug is so dangerous and potent that just a few milligrams, which can fit in the ear of Lincoln on a penny, can be lethal.


First and foremost, we need to secure the border. A Biden administration official with the Office of National Drug Control Policy confirmed to the Energy and Commerce Committee that the southern border is primarily how these substances are getting into America. With help from Chinese chemical companies, Mexican drug cartels are trafficking enough illicit fentanyl into the United States to kill every American many times over. A secure border is our strongest defense to crack down on Chinese illicit fentanyl, stop the cartels, and keep these weapon-grade poisons off our streets.

In addition, we need to make sure law enforcement have permanent tools to seize fentanyl-related substances, which are analogues of fentanyl that can be even more dangerous and deadly.


To make sure fentanyl-related substances don’t become street legal, Republicans are leading on the HalAll Lethal Trafficking of Fentanyl Act. This will give law enforcement the permanent tools they need to seize these poisons and keep our communities safe.