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Veto-Proof Majority of House Votes in Favor of Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act


Energy and Commerce Committee Leaders Continue to Protect Americans From Failed Health Care Law

WASHINGTON, DC – The House of Representatives today overwhelmingly passed H.R. 3811 – the Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act. This legislation, introduced by Health Subcommittee Chairman Joe Pitts (R-PA), would require the Department of Health and Human Services to quickly notify Americans in the event that their personally identifiable information is jeopardized on the health law’s exchanges. Despite the administration’s vocal opposition to the effort to boost transparency and consumer protections, a veto-proof majority voted 291 to 122 in favor of the commonsense bill.

House Energy and Commerce Committee Members Speak in Support of H.R. 3811

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Watch Committee Members Stand Up for Transparency HERE

Health Subcommittee Chairman Joe Pitts (R-PA): “The American people have a right to know that their government is required by law to contact them if their personal information is compromised.”

Representative Gus Bilirakis (R-FL): “Contrary to the very promises the law was sold on, my constituents have lost their health care coverage, have seen their premiums rise, and were forced to choose new doctors. Now they are faced with concerns regarding their personal information and whether it is compromised, all because the president’s signature law was never really ready for prime time.”

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI): “A few weeks ago the administration was willing to let millions of Americans lose their health insurance, despite the president’s solemn promise that they could keep their health plan if they liked it. It took the House, acting in a bipartisan, legislative manner for the administration to confess that yes, it had broken their promise. Now the administration is saying it opposes this requirement that it notify Americans when personal information is stolen. The self-proclaimed most transparent administration in history has come out against… transparency.”

House Energy and Commerce Committee Vice Chairman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN): “[The Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act] accomplishes what this administration has failed to do, and to make a standard practice.”

Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA): “What does the Obama administration have against protecting the privacy of American families’ personal information?”

Representative Cory Gardner (R-CO): “All we’re asking for is that we protect the privacy, the security of the American people. To oppose this bill, to issue a veto threat, if the site is secure, they will never receive the notice. If it’s not, we will have acted to protect the American people.”

Health Subcommittee Chairman Joe Pitts (R-PA): “I am frankly shocked that any member of this body would put workload concerns of HHS ahead of their constituents’ right to know if their data has been breached when many of our constituents are essentially being forced to shop through these exchanges.”


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