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Subcommittee Leader Latta Opening Remarks for Full Committee Markup


Washington, D.C. – House Energy and Commerce Communications and Technology Subcommittee Republican Leader Bob Latta (R-OH) delivered opening remarks at today’s full Committee markup on improving spectrum availability and emergency communications services.  

Excerpts and highlights from his remarks: 


“We are here to consider four, bipartisan bills from the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology.  

“Today’s legislation will provide certainty to the government’s management of our nation’s airwaves. Effective spectrum use allows the government to auction spectrum bands, historically benefitting Americans by bringing in billions of dollars to the Treasury, reducing our national deficit and allowing us to fund important Congressional priorities. 

“The legislation will provide certainty to the auction of the lower 3 gigahertz band, as well as the upcoming auction of the 2.5 gigahertz band by extending the FCC’s spectrum auction authority for 18 months.”  


“The proceeds from these auctions will fund national priorities to secure our communications networks by funding the shortfall in the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Reimbursement Program, advancing Next-Generation 9-1-1 and using future auction proceeds to fund Mr. Guthrie’s SMART Spectrum Act, which requires NTIA to establish and expand its spectrum management tools to promote United States wireless leadership.  

“I want to thank Chairman Doyle for his partnership in this effort, and we will continue to make any necessary changes to this legislation to ensure it is budget neutral when it is considered on the floor. 

“I am also pleased to consider the rest of the legislation on today’s markup that will among other things, provide Congress with necessary FCC data to inform our decision making, strengthen the role of NTIA’s Institute of Telecommunication Sciences, and provide domestic violence survivors with a means of separating their mobile phone lines from their abuser in the case of shared service plans.  

“I want to again thank Chairman Pallone and Chairman Doyle for being willing negotiating partners on these topics, and I look forward to moving these bills to the floor.” 

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