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Subcommittee Leader Bilirakis Opening Remarks for Full Committee Markup


Washington, D.C. – House Energy and Commerce Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittee Republican Leader Gus Bilirakis (R-FL) delivered opening remarks at today’s full Committee markup which includes the bipartisan American Data Privacy and Protection Act which will protect kids and give Americans more control over their personal online data.   

Excerpts and highlights from his remarks: 


“Good morning everyone, and thank you Mr. Chairman for holding this important markup to move forward six Consumer Protection & Commerce bills through the Energy & Commerce Committee. This is a historic moment, considering this is the furthest that Congress has come in enacting a national privacy and data security law with the consideration of our bipartisan bill, H.R. 8152, the American Data Privacy and Protection Act. I’m proud of the bipartisan efforts that we undertook in our Subcommittee to this point to put this comprehensive package together, and I want to recognize the tireless work put in to refine and make improvements to the bill since our draft was first released. 

“I know our work is still not done, and I’m glad that every Member on this Committee will be able to consider this legislation and weigh in as we continue to tweak this product further. I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle and with our friends in the Senate to get this done. This is the best opportunity we’ve had in years to give the American people and businesses something that has long been needed.” 


“In addition to our privacy and data security bill, we also have five other bipartisan bills that came out of our recent Subcommittee markup last month. That included my bill H.R. 4551, the RANSOMWARE Act, which will provide more clarity on how to combat ransomware and other cyber-attacks. It also included a bill I was proud to cosponsor, H.R. 5313, Reese’s Law, which will address consumer product safety standards for button cell batteries that pose as an ingestion hazard for children. 

“I want to highlight the work my colleague John Curtis is doing with his bill, H.R. 4081, the Informing Consumers About Smart Devices Act, which will provide consumers with transparency for home devices that have hidden microphones and cameras. Lastly, I want to thank my friend Kelly Armstrong for his bipartisan efforts towards modernizing our notarization processes, and Representatives Tonko and Upton for providing clarity and ease of access at the Department of Commerce for our country’s manufacturers. 

“I’m hopeful my colleagues will help move all of these important bipartisan bills forward through to the House Floor and work to get them across the finish line.” 


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