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Previewing the President's Energy Speech: Department of Interior Scapegoats U.S. Job Creators for Failed Energy Policies


WASHINGTON, DC – In advance of President Obama’s speech today on U.S. energy policy, his Department of Interior has issued a new report chiding U.S. oil and gas companies for our lack of domestic production.  The report attempts to blame U.S. companies and job creators for undeveloped leases while stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the administration’s role in the stalled development of our nation’s energy supplies. House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) made the following statement regarding the Interior Department’s analysis:

“It is not correct for this administration to blame energy producers for our lack of energy production. Abandoned rigs sit idle in the Gulf of Mexico and thousands of oil workers are stuck at home waiting for the call to go back to work, yet this administration continues to slow-walk or stall entirely the permits needed to jump-start safe domestic production. Suggesting that every acre under lease should be producing is disingenuous. 

“I would hope the President displays the same level of enthusiasm for developing America’s resources as he did last week towards Brazil’s energy production. The harsh reality is that we remain vulnerable to price spikes from supply disruptions caused by unforeseen global events or hostile regimes – the time is now to switch the light from red to green on American-made energy.

“Our all-of-the-above American Energy Initiative will not only help fortify our national security and lessen our dependence on foreign oil, it will help put folks back to work and ensure families have access to affordable energy. We can do better.”


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