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Pitts: Destruction of Conscience Protections Increases Urgency of Protect Life Act


WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA), chair of the Health Subcommittee, today responded to the Obama Administration’s announcement to rescind rules protecting the conscience of health workers across the country.  The rules, in place since 2008, protected workers from being discriminated against for their objection to certain controversial practices and pharmaceuticals.

“Today, the Obama administration demonstrated exactly why we need to have strong conscience protection for health workers written into our laws. For years now, doctors, nurses and other health professionals have been able to perform their job without violating their conscience or religious beliefs.

“It’s no surprise that an administration that wants to take over health care wants to dictate how health workers treat patients. This week, the House Energy and Commerce Committee, with bipartisan support, approved the Protect Life Act to place strong conscience protections regarding abortion into the new health care law. Without legal protection, we can certainly expect even more bureaucratic assaults on the conscience of medical workers,” said Pitts.


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