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Leader Rodgers: the American Data Privacy and Protection Act includes the most robust privacy protections in the U.S.


Washington D.C  House Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) delivered opening remarks at today’s full Committee markup on several bills protecting Americans and their data, including the bipartisan American Data Privacy and Protection Act, which will give Americans more control over their personal information online than any other law in existence.  

Her Remarks as Prepared for Delivery: 

“This markup has been a long time coming.  

“We are one step closer than Congress has ever come to establish national privacy and data security protections.   

“People need more control over their information online. They are looking to us—their elected representatives—to act.  


“The American Data Privacy and Protection Act includes the most robust privacy protections to date in the U.S. It prohibits Big Tech from tracking, predicting, and manipulating people’s behaviors for profit without their consent.  

“For example, it stops Big Tech from reading a person’s email data to see what they click on so they can sell that information to companies running junk mail marketing schemes.  

“It prohibits smartphones from accessing personal photos, tracking and sharing information about location, and monitoring the apps people use.   

“It requires companies to give people the choice to turn off targeted advertising, which will rein in Big Tech from tracking every aspect of our lives like location data, clicks, and internet search history.  

“We also require Big Tech to be transparent to the American people if their information is stored in countries like China and Russia by requiring affirmative express consent to transfer sensitive data to those countries.    


“Several recent surveys show more than 80 percent of Americans support priorities in the American Data Privacy and Protection Act.  

“Further, a majority of parents say if they could choose one priority for Congress, it would be to increase privacy protections.  

“Our bill designates all data related to children under 17 as sensitive.  

“This means Big Tech will face real consequences if they track this data, create dangerous algorithms, or use it to tailor newsfeeds to profit off our children.  

“That means a teenage girl cannot be targeted by Big Tech with ads for diets or dietary supplements, which can lead to dangerous and harmful behaviors like eating disorders.  

“As I said before, this is the best chance we have ever had to achieve a strong national standard that protects Americans, no matter where they are or if they travel across state lines.    

“Today, we’ll also be marking up several important bills, including Reese’s law, led by Ms. Kelly to protect children, the Securing and Enabling Commerce Using Remote and Electronic Notarization Act of 2021, introduced by Mr. Armstrong with Ms. Dean, the Informing Consumers About Smart Devices Act led by Mr. Curtis and Mr. Moulton, the RANSOMWARE Act from Mr. Bilirakis, and Mr. Tonko’s Act, with Reps. Upton and Axne.  

“I look forward to discussing these bills today.”  

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