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Leader Rodgers Statement on Inflation and Recession Act


Washington, D.C. — Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) released the following statement after the Senate passed President Joe Biden’s tax and spending spree that will make life even more unaffordable for Americans and their families.  

“President Joe Biden’s economic recession, record-high inflation, surging energy costs, looming blackouts, higher health care costs, and empty store shelves are making it harder to get by in America. Families still can’t find baby formula. They are stretching their budgets to buy groceries and keep the lights on, and it’s still too expensive to fill up their gas tanks.  

“The Democrats in the Senate just voted to make these crises even worse with their Inflation and Recession Act. Democrats are raising taxes across every income level to fund their agenda and seek more federal command and control in people’s lives. Their natural gas tax will raise costs across the board. Their payouts to political allies and unreliable energy schemes shut down American energy production and jobs. In addition, their socialist price controls for prescription drugs will lead to fewer cures, higher prices for future drugs, and more dependency on Chinese supply chains.  

“More inflation, higher taxes, unreliable and unaffordable energy, and fewer but more expensive lifesaving cures. That is the pain Democrats will further inflict on the hardworking people of this country as they double down on this grand socialist agenda.” 

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