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Leader Rodgers Remarks on Bipartisan Bills to Improve Data Mapping and Interagency Spectrum Coordination


Washington, D.C.–Today, House Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers delivered remarks during the markup of two bipartisan bills to improve data mapping and interagency spectrum coordination. 

Highlights and excerpts below.  


“Today we will be considering two bills from our recent legislative hearing that have bipartisan support. 

“This committee has a rich history of bipartisanship, especially in the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. We have historically held educational hearings on spectrum management, robocalls, and broadband mapping, and hope that we can get back to that committee process soon.” 


“Regarding the bills we are considering today, H.R. 2501, Mr. Bilirakis’ Spectrum Coordination Act, will strengthen the interagency coordination between NTIA and the FCC regarding spectrum management decisions.  

“As the United States continues to lead in wireless innovation, we must make sure that NTIA and the FCC coordinate to achieve balanced spectrum policies. 

“We will also be considering Mr. Butterfield’s Data Mapping to Save Moms Lives Act, which would direct the FCC to incorporate publicly available information about maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity health outcomes into an existing FCC mapping platform.” 


“Mr. Chairman, these are good steps forward, but many other pieces of legislation were included in the legislative hearing that we are not considering today.  

“One is my bill, H.R. 5028, the ISAAC Alerting Act, which would require the FCC to identify any technical barriers to implementing an ISAAC Alerting system nationwide.  

“In my district, a mom who founded the ISAAC Foundation in memory of her son worked with local first responders in Spokane to develop a community-based first responder training program. 

“It was designed to improve how first responders help people with disabilities. 

“As our nation works to upgrade our 9-1-1 networks to the Next Generation, we should examine if the new technology may enable this type of alerting system in more communities across the country.” 


“Mr. Chairman, we would all benefit from robust discussions on issues within the Communications and Technology portfolio through hearings with different stakeholders. 

“I hope to continue to work with the majority to resolve any differences on the bills that are not included on this markup and look forward to supporting the two bills before us today.” 

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