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Latta: “The Spectrum Coordination Act Will Strengthen Interagency Coordination Between the FCC and NTIA”


Washington, D.C.–Today, House Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader for Communications and Technology, Bob Latta (R-OH), delivered remarks during a Committee markup of two bipartisan bills on improving spectrum policy and data mapping.  

Highlights and excerpts below: 


“Before I begin my opening remarks, I’d like to congratulate my friend and colleague, Chairman Doyle, for his upcoming retirement. It is almost hard to believe we have worked together on this subcommittee for nearly 3 years already, and I have always appreciated your focus to ensuring this subcommittee runs efficiently. I wish you the best of luck on your next chapter.” 


“Now to turn to today’s hearing, I am pleased to support the two bills before us today: H.R. 2501, Mr. Bilirakis’ Spectrum Coordination Act, and H.R. 1218, Mr. Butterfield’s Data Mapping to Save Moms Lives Act. Both pieces of legislation will require updates that will help better inform spectrum and broadband policy decisions. 

“Mr. Bilirakis’ Spectrum Coordination Act takes an important step to strengthen interagency coordination between the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the Federal Communications Commission on spectrum policy decisions. It is critical that these agencies have robust communication and share necessary information when they are making important spectrum management decisions. 

“This bill directs NTIA and the FCC to update their memorandum of understanding to improve upon the process for resolving frequency allocation disputes in shared or adjacent allocations. As the demand for spectrum resources grow, we are seeing the tension between federal agencies and private industry rise. The only way we can be sure to make spectrum resources available to private industry while protecting critical federal systems is to make sure both agencies have the information. 


“Mr. Butterfield’s Data Mapping to Save Moms Lives Act, would direct the FCC to work with the CDC to incorporate publicly available data on maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity into its existing Mapping Broadband Health in America tool. This data may paint a picture that gives appropriate health care agencies and understanding of what role, if any, broadband may play in improving outcomes.  

“Both of these bills benefited from bipartisan discussions since the legislative hearing, and I am pleased to support them moving forward to the full Committee.” 

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