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E&C Republican Leader Walden Responds to Democrat Climate Town Hall


WASHINGTON, DC – Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Greg Walden (R-OR) released the following statement in response to the seven-hour climate crisis town hall hosted by CNN with 10 Democratic presidential candidates.

“The gap between rhetoric and reality among Democrats has gotten out of hand. To reduce emissions, we need nuclear power. Democrats who are unable to say those simple words are doing as much harm to solving the climate crisis as any other.

“If Democrats want to tackle climate change, they should work with Republicans on serious solutions that can become law. Last Congress, we proved this works by passing laws to boost clean energy like nuclear, which is safe, reliable, and emissions free, and which experts agree must be part of our strategy to reduce emissions. Let’s continue that momentum. We cannot let the loudest voices drown serious solutions to address current and future climate risks. There are bipartisan bills in Congress that we could pass right now to ensure the United States remains a global leader in emissions reduction, economic productivity, and clean energy production, all at once. We are waiting at the table and are ready to work with our Democratic colleagues on climate policy focused on innovation, conservation, and preparation,” said Walden. 

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