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Committee Republicans Express Disappointment In Partisan COVID-19 Relief Process In Letter To Chairman


Washington D.C.– House Energy and Commerce Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and Committee Republicans sent a letter to Energy and Commerce Chair Frank Pallone (D-NJ) expressing their disappointment over the partisan COVID-19 relief process.

In their letter to Chair Pallone, Republicans write:

“We write to express our disappointment that you are pushing forward with a partisan process for further COVID-19 relief when Republicans stand ready to work with you. Last Congress, Republicans and Democrats came together on five separate occasions to deliver several trillion dollars in relief for Americans. There is no reason to abandon bipartisanship now. We have continuously made clear that we want to work with you and other Democrats on the Committee on Energy and Commerce on another relief package so we can crush the virus, vaccinate as many Americans who want it as quickly as possible, and reopen our economy and schools.


“Given our record of bipartisan success in passing policies to combat the pandemic and the strict rules that the budget reconciliation process imposes on the Committee’s ability to legislate effectively to meet the needs of our nation’s health and economic needs, the best path forward is to continue to work together. As President Biden has repeatedly stated, we are at war with COVID-19. Wars are fought and won by unifying in a common goal, not by dividing us to play partisan politics.”

CLICK HERE to read the full letter.