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Committee Clears Bills to Improve Environmental Protections, Energy Efficiency


WASHINGTON, DC –The House Energy and Commerce Committee today advanced two critical pieces of bipartisan legislation protecting jobs and the environment.

H.R. 1734, the Improving Coal Combustion Residuals Regulation Act, authored by Rep. David McKinley (R-WV), was approved by the committee by a bipartisan vote of 32 to 19. Building off the committee’s work from previous Congresses, the bill establishes a state-based regulatory program to ensure the safe management and disposal of coal ash. The bill seeks to improve EPA’s final rule issued in December and would eliminate the implementation issues by giving states the necessary enforcement authority to implement the standards set by EPA. Learn more about the bill HERE.

“This legislation, crafted with the help of state environmental and solid waste officials, committee staff, and with input from the EPA, provides closure on this issue and certainty for the 316,000 Americans dependent on the coal ash recycling industry,” said McKinley.

H.R. 906, A Bill to Modify the Efficiency Standards for Grid-Enabled Water Heaters, was approved by the committee by voice vote. The bill, introduced by Energy and Power Subcommittee Chairman Ed Whitfield (R-KY), enables thermal storage water heaters to continue being manufactured and sold by exempting them from regulation under new DOE efficiency standards. 

“Large electric water heaters provide important energy and cost savings to communities across the country, and this bipartisan bill will allow them to continue to be manufactured and sold,” said Whitfield. “This is an important piece of energy efficiency legislation, and I hope we can pass it swiftly on the House floor.”

“Our work continues to protect consumers, jobs, and our environment. I thank my colleagues for their work in advancing these commonsense solutions and I look forward to strong bipartisan votes on the House floor,” said full committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI)


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