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On CNBC, Leader Rodgers Responds to Biden’s Letters to Energy Companies: What’s Next, 1970s Price Controls?


House Energy & Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) told CNBC’s Joe Kernen and Becky Quick on Squawk Box this morning that President Biden’s day one anti-American energy agenda is to blame for skyrocketing prices across the board.

Despite there being no evidence oil companies are price gouging Americans at the pump and Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm claiming that nobody was blaming the oil companies, the Biden administration and House Democrats continue to shift the blame of surging prices away from their radical energy policies.

Just this morning, President Biden sent letters to major energy companies accusing them of being responsible for high gas prices:

What’s next for the administration? Price controls? That seems to be the direction they’re signaling with letters that threaten President Biden plans to use “all tools at [his] disposals.”

This is the worst energy crisis since the 1970s and it is because President Biden and the Democrats have shut down American energy production and jobs.

Watch Leader Rodgers set the record straight and call on President Biden to flip the switch and unleash American energy:


“I just ask the question, ‘really? Is this really where the administration wants to go?’

“It seems like they are really out of touch with what it takes to bring down the price of gas.

“We had a hearing on price controls. The House passed legislation just a few weeks ago that was basically empowering the [Federal Trade Commission] with price controls and the administration with an ability to declare an energy emergency.

“Lord knows what the administration would have imposed through an energy emergency.

“What we’re seeing in America is the worst energy crisis since 1973 and when we have gas lines, when we have panic at the pump because of the surging prices that impact everything, it makes it harder on hardworking Americans.

“It is increasing the cost of food and the administration made it clear on day one that this was their agenda, that they were going to shut down American energy, and it’s time to flip the switch.

“American energy is foundational to everything in our lives and this administration just seems to be more interested in their own political agenda than what is best for hardworking American families.”


“What I would do today is unleash American energy and technological innovation. There is technology, there is innovation.

“We should have never shut down the Keystone XL pipeline yet that is what President Biden did on day one.

“I’ve introduced legislation with Bruce Westerman (R-AR), he’s the Republican Ranking Member on the Natural Resources Committee, it’s the American Energy Independence from Russia Act, it is a comprehensive bill that would yes approve the Keystone XL pipeline… export natural gas, which is so important to our allies, and address the permitting on federal lands.

“This administration just recently shut down the permits in Alaska and off the Gulf Coast… those are signals that continue to make it more difficult.

“I was talking with a refinery just recently that was sharing with me how difficult it is getting the permits from [the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission].

“This administration on day one made clear that they were going to shut down American energy for their own political agenda. It is harming Americans, it’s making us less secure, it’s increasing the prices, it’s making it harder for hard-working American families and we need to flip the switch.”

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