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Letter to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on Edenville dam breach in Midland, Michigan


Excerpt: “In addition to the massive property damage caused by the dam’s failure, flooding of contaminated sites and chemical facilities — including one containing a federally-regulated nuclear research reactor — in Midland, Michigan threatened public health and the environment. As you know, the Edenville project and its operator, Boyce Hydro, have a long history of dam safety and compliance problems. Prior to issuing the [revocation] order, the Commission engaged in a multi-year effort to bring Boyce Hydro into compliance with FERC’s dam safety requirements. We are concerned that three other projects operated by Boyce within the same river system — the Sanford, Secord, and Smallwood Dams — may present a similar threat to surrounding communities,” the bipartisan group of Committee leaders wrote to FERC. 

Click HERE to read the full letter.

Energy (116th Congress)